With the Iowa Caucuses being less than six months away, the excitement is most certainly building. Once again, Iowa has the honor of maintaining its first-in-the-nation status. We are the first state that has the chance to show support for a presidential candidate.
On July 16, 2003, American Airlines announced the elimination of its daily flight schedule from the Quad City International Airport to St. Louis effective November 1, 2003. While my initial reaction to this announcement, albeit premature, was "devastating," there is much more to the story.
As a dedicated jazz and blues lover and supporter, I wish to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for the outstanding support the River Cities' Reader provided for the 19th Annual Mississippi Valley Blues Festival held in LeClaire Park in Davenport from July 3 through 5.
Recent comments from individuals and the Quad-City Times editorial last week have raised false choices. While the city council is working hard to try to avoid service cuts, that may not be possible.
I am a resident of the area in which the John Lewis Coffee Shop (JLCS) is planning on building a low-income housing development (12th and Myrtle) in Davenport. The development plan was made without contacting the neighbors in the area, and the organization is planning on moving forward despite neighbor opposition.
Is Davenport Alderman Ray Ambrose expecting to be re-elected over the dead bodies of our pets? It's hard to believe that such a seasoned politician is serious about arming Davenport citizens against the perceived threat of mammalian anarchy.
The Iowa state legislature should be applauded for undertaking the ambitious task of overhauling Iowa's property-tax system. Few will disagree that the change is needed. Unfortunately the outcome of the proposed legislation needs considerably more discussion from all corners of the state.
I am appalled at the lack of community participation in the Nuclear Regulatory Commission's proceedings for the re-licensing of the Cordova Nuclear Power Plant. This is an issue that affects everyone living in the Quad Cities and surrounding areas.
The big business of asbestos litigation is encroaching upon the livelihood of Iowa's small businesses. Small companies with as few as 20 employees are finding themselves mired in this unending legal morass.
I am fascinated by the phenomenon that we as Americans are deliberately kept in a state of extreme fear. Here is a quote from Hermann Goering during his war-crimes trial at Nuremberg. "Why, of course, the people don't want war.