I appreciate your sentiments regarding the Davenport Community School District's recent decision to close Grant and Johnson elementary schools. (See River Cities' Reader Issue 359, January 30-February 5, 2002.
In light of the current events, to the great disgust of the American public, and that of the majority of the Senate, I am appalled at the repeated attempts of certain pro-energy-industry senators to exploit our national-security crisis for their own interests.
There seems to be a big misconception going around town about the two Nutcracker Ballet productions this year. It appears from all accounts that children from all over town will be dancing in this week's Moscow Ballet production and that Ballet Quad Cities is using only dancers from its own studio.
Bully for Kathleen McGreevy and her admonition to Davenport voters to put up or shut up! Her "Words from the Editor" column in the October 31-November 6 edition (Issue 347) hit the proverbial nail on the head.
In your September 26-October 2 edition, you ran a story entitled, "Against Acting on Rage." I would like to address the article with some observations of my own. In his article, the author, Jeff Ignatius, asserts that America, and Americans, have a "haughty and boorish" attitude toward foreign policy.
Sierra Club's Eagle View Group will host the Iowa Chapter's Annual Meeting & Dinner on October 20, 2001. Departing from tradition, this year's meeting will be open to the public, and a fundraiser for Chad Pregracke.
As the October 23 referendum approaches, we would like to add our names to the growing list of supporters for River Renaissance. This is a community investment that will yield extremely high returns in a number of ways.
If the citizens of Scott County were allowed to decide what to do with the $120 million budgeted for River Renaissance, we would instead vote for: • hiring 200 more police and firefighters and giving them all a big raise; • fixing the streets and sewers; • buying some kind of high-tech temporary floodwall; • renovating John O'Donnell Stadium; and • putting the remaining tens of millions of dollars in the bank for a rainy day.
As the initial shock over the terrible events of September 11 turns into deep sadness and a profound sense of loss, our sympathy goes to those across the country and around the world who mourn loved ones. With a sense of awe and gratitude, we learn of those who survived, those who committed heroic acts, and those who continue to do so every day as they undertake the incredible task of search and rescue in New York.
I have put four years of my life into being your mayor and have loved every second of it. As I leave office, I want to make sure that the next mayor will continue to keep the doors to City Hall wide open, will represent all of the people equally, and will do his or her part to move our great city forward.