According to a Los Angeles Times column, in May the Bush administration (represented by Secretary of State Colin Powell) delivered $43 million to the Taliban government. It was and is common knowledge that the Taliban are the largest human-rights violators on the planet.
According to the Los Angeles Times (reported 5/22/2001), in May the Bush administration (represented by Gen. Colin Powell) delivered $43 million dollars to the Taliban government.
We read with great interest your article on Ballet Quad Cities (See River Cities' Reader, Issue 338, August 29-September 4, 2001). This article along with the June 10, 2001 Quad City Times article on the ballet company has prompted this response in order to clarify some inaccurate historical references.
I read with great interest Jeff Ignatius' article about the Quad City River Bandits and the furor that has erupted over them and the possibility of a new stadium. (See "Going ... Going ... ," River Cities' Reader, Issue 334, August 1-7, 2001.
I want to thank you for shining your brilliant light of reason, integrity, and vision on the issues surrounding real-estate developers serving their own best interests when elected to public office. I refer to your insightful words in the Issue 335 Words from the Editor, "Farewell to Bats": "Either Davenport voters need to stop electing wannabe politicians whose livelihoods depend on real estate altogether, or at least insist that they abstain from voting on economic development that involves their professional peers.
Once again the Mississippi Valley Blues Society is writing to thank this community for its support of the 17th BluesFest. More than 400 volunteers worked during the three-day event on July 6, 7, and 8, and another 55 volunteers worked on 10 committees all year long to bring off this year's festival.
Regarding your article on DavenportOne (River Cities' Reader, Issue 332, July 18-24, 2001): I have lived in Davenport, I have worked in Davenport, and I now own a business in Davenport. I moved back to the Quad Cities after almost 10 years in the western U.
Democracy is more than a spectator sport; for it to survive and flourish, we all must become active, engaged citizens. This is the message I heard from 86 students representing 12 Quad City-area high schools, who recently participated in the Close Up Foundation government-studies program in Washington, D.
Is the City of Davenport going to have certain significant and substantial increases from the downtown Davenport tourist influx being promoted by certain local interests: more traffic congestion; more unavailable parking spaces; more drug traffic; more sexual prostitution; etc.
A while back I attended a Committee of the Whole meeting. I had a very small sign stating, "Free Voice and Choice," which was given to all Americans because of our veterans. The sign was placed on a chair next to me; it was never raised.