I am writing in response to the letter in the River Cities' Reader by Tanisha Deuth from Rock Island. (See "Letter Writer Should Check Facts," Issue 413, February 19-25, 2003.) Tanisha, you accuse Ms.
I am writing in reference to a letter recently posted in The Reader entitled "Will War Make Us Safer?" by Cathy Bolkcom. (See Issue 411, February 5-11, 2003.) Ms. Bolkcom, have you been stuck in a box in someone's basement for the last 60 years? Or do you not bother to check facts before you spout off random opinions to look smart? As an American citizen, you have the right of speech and the right to voice your opinion.
As reported by CBS News last week, if the Pentagon sticks to its current war plan, one day in March the Air Force and Navy will launch between 300 and 400 cruise missiles at targets in Iraq. This is more than the number that were launched during the entire 40 days of the first Gulf War.
Thirty years ago this month, the rights of women took a giant leap forward. The landmark decision of Roe v. Wade was rendered. Women now had the right to a safe and legal abortion. As the abortion-rights community celebrates this milestone, Roe is in serious danger.
I had to read twice Tom Lundy's letter ("Clean Up Davenport: No Vacancy for the Homeless") in the 400th issue of the River Cities' Reader (November 13-19, 2002) before I realized that it was not tongue-in-cheek.
It would behoove any journalist to use more than one source for information for an article. It seems you have consulted Mr. Guard, and only Mr. Guard for the information in your article. (See "Davenport School-Board Member Guard on the Guard," River Cities' Reader Issue 400, November 13-19, 2002.
In late September, ground was broken in Davenport for the construction of a new shelter for homeless people. The shelter, an effort by the John Lewis Coffee House, will provide lodging for 78 additional homeless men and women.
I am writing in response to the ludicrous accusations of racism and possible voter fraud suggested by Judith Malone, Republican candidate for Iowa House District 86, in her letter to the editor on October 16 (see "Voters Should Be Leery of 'Early Voter' Campaigns," River Cities' Reader Issue 396).
A "get out the vote" drive targeting Scott and Waterloo counties is underway. In the Iowa House 86th District, the strategy is as follows: Paid employees, some masquerading as citizen activists, spent the summer rounding up absentee requests.
According to government records, in the 1980s the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention and an American biological sample company sent to Iraq strains of all the germs Iraq used to make weapons. These shipments were legal and approved by the Commerce Department.