Illinois House Republican Leader Lee Daniels summoned his top lieutenants to Springfield last week for what was billed as an election strategy session. Instead, the meeting immediately morphed into a war council, as Daniels and his leadership team talked about how to fend off a surprisingly strong coup attempt.
Recently USA Today reported that the dollar volume trading on the stock market dropped from $17 trillion to $10 trillion in nearly a year's time. The significant contributing factor to this enormous decline is the severe lack of confidence in corporate America's accounting practices, fiscal priorities, and general business ethics.
This is in response to the letter to the editor entitled "Grant and Johnson Parents Must Accept Change," published in the July 3-9, 2002, edition of the River Cities' Reader. I am a fully "grown up" adult who has two children, one of whom attended Johnson Elementary School.
There's a new election just around the corner, and Phil Donahue is the candidate who deserves your vote. In fact, all of us who are interested in watching stimulating television and hearing independent voices and fresh points of view on corporate TV should tune into MSNBC at 7 p.
What a tribute of respect for Ron Kinser (former Iowa state legislator) as people from all walks of life came to visitation and to the funeral. As I watched these folks, I thought of our current mayor and his unfortunate tongue.
Independence Day should be dearer to Americans than ever before. We should all reflect on what independence actually means to us, both individually and as a citizenry. Most Americans equate independence with freedom that accompanies a democracy.
Speaking with grace and ease, a pensive network anchor compared the America of today with the one of a year ago. His script had the ring of media truth at the start of a new season. "How different the summer is going to be for all of us," CNN's Aaron Brown told viewers.
On June 10, 2002, Administrative Law Judge Susan Anderson of the Iowa Department of Education upheld the April 22 decision of the Davenport Community Schools Board of Directors to close Johnson and Grant elementary schools.
Crain's Chicago Business has reported that during the summer of 2000, just about everyone at Illinois House Republican Leader Lee Daniels' Chicago office was paid with state money to work on political campaigns.
It's been a long time since a union has taken a hit in Springfield like the American Federation of State, County, & Municipal Employees took last week. The Illinois Senate Republicans held lockstep for more than eight hours last week, approving all but a handful of Governor George Ryan's 234 budgetary vetoes one by one.