Rod Blagojevich, the new Democratic nominee for Illinois governor, was attacked several times in the spring primary campaign's final days, and most of the hits can be traced back to the last Illinois AFL-CIO president's race.
In yet another display of gratuitous brown-nosing during last week's council meeting, Davenport's Ward 6 Alderman Bob McGivern chastised Ward 2 Alderman George Nickolas for his resolution calling for a "quantitative and qualitative analysis of MidAmerican's proposed rate increase.
"Got a second, Brad?" "Sure, Biff." "Step into my cubicle. And say hello to our new senior vice president, Buzz Brindle." "Hello, Buzz." "What's up, Brad? I like your glasses.
A task force appointed by the Davenport Community School District (DCSD) met for the first time on March 14, and if the job it faced seemed daunting before - exploring all options for alleviating the district's budget deficit and completing a report by April 15 - it looked even more massive afterward.
Last week, Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge announced a new color-coded system for terrorism alerts. We asked Deputy Under Assistant Acting Media Spokesperson Marty "Mort" Ackerman for details. Q: No offense, but government people seem like a bunch of gray old bureaucrats.
Whether or not someone supports House File 2288 has absolutely no bearing on whether or not they "support the arts." (See "March for Cultural Trust Fund," River Cities' Reader Issue 362, February 20-26, 2002.
When the Davenport School Board (DSB), in its usual display of arrogance and disrespect for students, parents, and the public at large, voted 6-1 to close Grant and Johnson elementary schools this past January, concerned parents decided to appeal the school board's decision to the Iowa Board of Education.
Housing starts were up last quarter, which is good news for everyone who's been living on canned soup and sending their résumés to Economists say that signals the beginning of the end of the recession, which is just in time.
The congressional investigation of the Enron debacle is frustrating, to say the least. Both House and Senate participants are clearly unqualified to probe the complex financial and political issues that characterize Enron's dirty dealings.
As if the economy, the Enron debacle, and those crooked Olympic judges weren't enough, there's another crisis brewing: We're running out of macho names for cars. It's been happening over the past few years.