We live in strangely searching times. We look inward, outward, all around for a fresh clue why surprising things happen, and why most of them are bad.

We might seek out that annoying woman on late-night TV with the Jamaican accent whose tarot cards uncannily confirm that your husband, who's been working late for the past 27 years, is actually having an affair with the security guard.

A friend of mine attended a luncheon recently, at which a spokesperson for MidAmerican Energy told the audience that her company was preparing its customers for the same cost increases next winter as those we experienced this past season.


" ... our special guest tonight is former President Bill Clinton, who's just scheduled a paid appearance at a success seminar with TV host Montel Williams and a group of - believe it or not - motivational speakers.

There is no more denying it. It is time to take the blinders off and face the discouraging truth about the current Davenport City Council. With the sole exception of 5th Ward Alderman Wayne Hean, this council betrayed us for the second time by voting for development along or near 53rd Street, giving developers a leg up utilizing public financing tools meant for blighted and neglected neighborhoods.

Is the City of Davenport going to have certain significant and substantial increases from the downtown Davenport tourist influx being promoted by certain local interests: more traffic congestion; more unavailable parking spaces; more drug traffic; more sexual prostitution; etc.

A while back I attended a Committee of the Whole meeting. I had a very small sign stating, "Free Voice and Choice," which was given to all Americans because of our veterans. The sign was placed on a chair next to me; it was never raised.

The Davenport City Council proceeded with approval of two rezoning petitions on behalf of THF
Realty for a Super Wal-Mart located at Elmore
and 53rd Street without several of the conditions of the zonings in writing.

(Editor's note: News Junkie is off this week. This column originally ran last year.)

One day when you were a little girl, you came home from school and asked me what the word "gay" meant.

The opinions of the Quad City Times editorial board are often a source of amusement for those of us who bother to educate ourselves on the issues that concern Davenport taxpayers. This entity's blanket support of Self-Supporting Municipal Improvement Districts (SSMIDs) for THF Realty to pay for infrastructure improvements that provide access to their own development of a Super Wal-Mart and Home Depot is but one more confirmation of the QC Times' editor's philosophy, that ads are news too.

May Day

"Good morning, Mr. General Secretary. We are glad you could attend our meeting."

"Nyet! A modern Russia demands new titles for its post-revolutionary leaders. We must trust capitalism to lead us. Please address me the way authority figures are spoken to on successful American television programs.