According to a Los Angeles Times column, in May the Bush administration (represented by Secretary of State Colin Powell) delivered $43 million to the Taliban government. It was and is common knowledge that the Taliban are the largest human-rights violators on the planet.

Editor's Note: The two articles that follow have been making the rounds on the Internet. While their exact origins aren't known, the second has been circulating for a long time and was supposedly a radio editorial in Canada.

According to the Los Angeles Times (reported 5/22/2001), in May the Bush
administration (represented by Gen. Colin Powell) delivered $43 million
dollars to the Taliban government.

Published May 22, 2001 in the Los Angeles Times

Enslave your girls and women, harbor anti-U.S. terrorists, destroy every vestige of civilization in your homeland, and the Bush administration will embrace you.

After nearly 10 years of observing Davenport's city councils in action, one would think nothing would come as a shock. It's as if a line keeps being drawn in the sand that councilmen keep stepping over. Such is the case with 6th Ward Alderman Bob McGivern.


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We read with great interest your article on Ballet Quad Cities (See River Cities' Reader, Issue 338, August 29-September 4, 2001). This article along with the June 10, 2001 Quad City Times article on the ballet company has prompted this response in order to clarify some inaccurate historical references.

"All right, children, settle down. I know it's been a long summer, but we need to get back to work now. Everyone turn down your voice-simulation devices and reconnect your seating modules. And Tommy 2X, stop eating that semiconductor paste.

Last Saturday, the Davenport Democratic Party PAC (formed when nonpartisan elections came into being in 1998) endorsed its candidates for Davenport's city council. The process, which should be equitable to all, was nothing more than a stacked deck of family and friends of incumbents who had the voting power to endorse their own.

I read with great interest Jeff Ignatius' article about the Quad City River Bandits and the furor that has erupted over them and the possibility of a new stadium. (See "Going ... Going ... ," River Cities' Reader, Issue 334, August 1-7, 2001.