There is an alarming trend occurring in our great nation that deserves scrutiny and constant vigilance. The current Bush Administration has made no secret of its "shadow government" ever since 9/11. But shadow governments are not the trend; they have existed throughout the ages.
For several days, the mailboxes in my neighborhood stood with their jaws hanging open. "No bombs in here! No siree!" they proclaimed in hollow voices. But it's not the bombs that my jaw is hanging open about. It's the letter that came with them.
Iowa state Senator Maggie Tinsman shares many of the concerns of Niky Bowles, her opponent in the June 4 Republican primary. (There is no Democractic Candidate.) The big difference between the candidates is Tinsman's understanding of the nuances of state policy, the practical issues associated with solving problems, and the legislative process.
Niky Bowles talks as if she's running for the Davenport City Council. When asked about the issue of economic development in Iowa , she says that when Hy-Vee wanted to build a new store on Davenport's west side where an Eagle building now sits vacant, "the way they were treated at city hall was almost appalling to me.
There might be no more politically powerful union in Illinois than the American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME). Want proof? Well, AFSCME brought thousands of its members to Springfield last week for its annual "lobby day," and both state legislative chambers used the opportunity to suck up a whole lot more than they ever would for any other labor organization.
On May 8, the Iowa Department of Education's Administrative Law Judge, Susan Anderson, presided over an appeal filed by Davenport parents to reverse the Davenport School Board's (DSB) decision to close Grant and Johnson elementary schools.
As Davenport awakes from its winter's sleep, we see spring blossoming all around us. We look out at our greening lawns and wonder when it will be safe to plant our garden. All of us who enjoy our gardens look forward to planning and cultivating one that will produce a bountiful harvest all summer long.
Davenport Aldermen Barnhill and Moritz reluctantly voted against a proposed mixed housing development along North Pine Street, between Valley and 58th streets, during last Wednesday's regular council meeting. The vote appeared inevitable, especially after Mayor Brooke expressed his assurance that the development would fail with such a high protest rate (never mind the inappropriateness of the development for the neighborhood, or the water retention problem that duplex construction could potentially create).
I am appalled at the editorial staff of the River Cities' Reader. Kathleen McCarthy has written an unresearched and unsubstantiated editorial ("Much More to the Story," Issue 369, April 10-16, 2002), apparently in an attempt to bring mob mentality to the City of Davenport.
On Tuesday, June 4, the Iowa primaries will bAe held across the state. Important elections are at stake, yet only registered voters are eligible to vote in a primary, and they must declare either Republican or Democrat before they can participate because Iowa has a "closed primary" system.