DES MOINES, IOWA (April 2, 2019) — Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller and Iowa Insurance Commissioner Doug Ommen are joining AARP Iowa for a statewide telephone town hall on April 10 at 10AM that will focus on protecting Iowans' savings from scammers and fraudulent investment schemes. Iowans are encouraged to participate in the telephone town hall and ask questions.

“AARP Iowa is pleased to put on this event, in conjunction with Attorney General Miller and Commissioner Ommen, to help bring awareness about common scams we’re seeing in Iowa,” said AARP Iowa State Director Brad Anderson. “Older Iowans are the prime target for scammers because they have had a lifetime to accumulate resources. We want to help make sure Iowans have the tips and resources to protect their assets from scams.”

To register for the telephone town hall on April 10 at 10AM, visit, or join the telephone town hall by calling 866-757-0607 directly or via Facebook Live at

“I look forward to sharing information with Iowans during this telephone town hall meeting. Scammers are becoming more sophisticated in their techniques and will do almost anything to separate hard-working Iowans from their money,” AG Miller said. “Whether it be issues related to identity theft, consumer scams or many other items, the staff here at the Attorney General’s office can help assist Iowans with their questions or concerns.”

“It can never be said enough — if an investment or financial opportunity sounds too good to be true, it is. Often financial crimes go unreported because the scammer either finds a way to isolate the victim or the victim is worried about what friends or family may think,” Comm Ommen said. “There is no shame in reporting fraud — even the most sophisticated investors can be swindled by scam artists. Many of the scams we see involve unlicensed products or unlicensed sellers so I encourage all Iowans to take the time to double-check with the Iowa Insurance Division before they invest to be sure the person selling the product and product they are purchasing are properly licensed.”

More tips, resources and information about how to shield your savings from scammers and fraudulent investment schemes can be found at

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