DES MOINES, IOWA (April 22, 2020) — The absentee voting period for mailed ballots in Iowa’s June primary begins this Thursday, April 23. Secretary of State Paul Pate and county auditors across the state are encouraging Iowans to vote from home during the COVID-19 pandemic to reduce the risk of spreading the virus.

Sec Pate is sending absentee ballot-request forms to every active registered voter in the state. The form should begin arriving in Iowans’ mailboxes next week and will include pre-paid postage for returning it to their county auditor’s office.

“Absentee voting from home is safe and secure, and this is the best way to participate in the June primary election,” Sec Pate said. “We have measures in place to ensure the integrity of the ballot while maintaining social-distancing. I encourage all eligible Iowans who want to vote in the primary to use the absentee method.”

Once voters receive their absentee ballot request form in the mail, they should fill out and mail it promptly. Iowans can also download the request form directly from the Iowa Secretary of State website, Requests must be received by the county auditor’s office by 5PM on Friday, May 22.

Primary elections are intended for members of the Republican and Democratic parties only. No Party voters who choose to request a party’s ballot will have their voter registration officially changed to that political party.

Sec Pate expanded the absentee voting period for mailed ballots in the June primary to 40 days due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The in-person absentee voting period begins Monday, May 4.

For more information about the June 2 primary, visit

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