ROCK ISLAND, ILLINOIS (July 6, 2021)  Augustana College announced more than 1,100 students were named to the Dean's List for the 2020-21 spring semester. Students who have earned this academic honor have maintained a grade point average of 3.5 or higher on a four-point scale for courses taken during the term.

Lucy Adlfinger of Milan, IL majoring in Biology.

Moreen Akomea-Ampeh of Rock Island, IL majoring in Chemistry.

Syed Ali of Bettendorf, IA majoring in Political Science.

Sarah Allen of East Moline, IL majoring in Teaching Math.

Bailey Allison of Rock Island, IL majoring in Elementary Education.

Oscar Almanza Cisneros of Moline, IL majoring in Business Administration Management.

Megan Anderson of Bettendorf, IA majoring in Chemistry.

Sarah Anderson of East Moline, IL majoring in Music Education Instrumental.

Lauren Anderson of Port Byron, IL majoring in Communication Sciences and Disorders.

Joshua Anderson of Port Byron, IL majoring in Computer Science.

Zoe Arvanitis of Rock Island, IL majoring in Chemistry.

Ezekiel Aurelius of Rock Island, IL majoring in Classics.

Laurin Baker of Le Claire, IA majoring in Bus Adm — Management.

Omidullah Barikzay of Rock Island, IL majoring in Computer Science.

Mary Baril of Davenport, IA majoring in Sociology.

Tristan Bautista of East Moline, IL majoring in Biology.

Kassidy Belcher of Davenport, IA majoring in Psychology.

Marina Belshause of Rock Island, IL majoring in Philosophy.

Ryan Benac of Milan, IL majoring in Computer Science.

Carley Berneking of Bettendorf, IA majoring in Accounting.

Matthew Bjork of Moline, IL majoring in Bus Adm — Finance.

Clarice Brown of East Moline, IL majoring in History Education.

Ashley Camacho of East Moline, IL majoring in Biology.

Rebecca Casad of Davenport, IA majoring in Computer Science.

Briana Castro of Moline, IL majoring in Music Ed Vocal.

Nicolas Castro of Moline, IL majoring in History Education.

Benjamin Castro of Moline, IL majoring in Geography.

Taylor Cederoth of Coal Valley, IL majoring in Elementary Education.

Maya Chavez of Moline, IL majoring in International Business.

Annalise Connolly of Milan, IL majoring in Communication Sciences and Disorders.

Bryan Cook of Rock Island, IL majoring in Psychology.

Isaac Daniels of Moline, IL majoring in Kinesiology.

Haley DeLille of Coal Valley, IL majoring in Business Administration-Management.

Brian Do of Rock Island, IL majoring in English Education.

Andrew Douglas of Coal Valley, IL majoring in Accounting.

Nathanael Doyle of Andalusia, IL majoring in Psychology.

Alyssa Duckett of Geneseo, IL majoring in Graphic Design.

Sabrina Duran of Davenport, IA majoring in Teaching French.

Carter Duwa of Bettendorf, IA majoring in Bus Adm — Finance.

Tyler Estes of Rock Island, IL majoring in Augie Ages Undecided.

Grant Estes of Rock Island, IL majoring in Music Performance-Instrumental.

Javeria Fatima of Moline, IL majoring in Psychology.

Nicholas Fedele of East Moline, IL majoring in Biology.

Emily Ferreyra of Rock Island, IL majoring in Psychology.

Cedric Fierce of Bettendorf, IA majoring in Pre-Medicine.

Benjamin Ford of Geneseo, IL majoring in Business Administration — Management.

Madeleine Garcia of Moline, IL majoring in Sociology and Anthropology.

Mary Therese Gehrmann of Bettendorf, IA majoring in German Studies.

Devin Gephart of Hillsdale, IL majoring in Kinesiology.

Freja Hager of Geneseo, IL majoring in Accounting.

Lauren Hall of Rock Island, IL majoring in History Education.

Jayla Hathorn of Rock Island, IL majoring in Bus Adm — Marketing.

Raymond Herd of Coal Valley, IL majoring in Middle Grades Social Science.

Madison Hoffeditz of Taylor Ridge, IL majoring in Psychology.

Htoo Htoo of Rock Island, IL majoring in Bus Adm — Marketing.

Hannah Hutton of Moline, IL majoring in Communication Sciences and Disorders.

Muhammad Imdad of Rock Island, IL majoring in Business Administration — Management Information Systems.

Faith Jackson of Port Byron, IL majoring in Accounting.

Aleksander Jacobs of Rock Island, IL majoring in Political Science.

Haleigh Jacocks of Geneseo, IL majoring in Elementary Education.

Evan Juarez of Moline, IL majoring in International Business.

Alexa Karzin of Bettendorf, IA majoring in Biochemistry.

Sarah Kayali of Bettendorf, IA majoring in Pre-Optometry.

Shannon Kenney of Rock Island, IL majoring in Public Health.

Stephanie Kerno of Milan, IL majoring in Communication Sciences and Disorders.

Tanner Klein of Silvis, IL majoring in Computer Science.

Benjamin Klocke of Moline, IL majoring in Augie Ages Undecided.

Mitchell Knollenberg of Taylor Ridge, IL majoring in Computer Science.

Rebecca Knuth of Rock Island, IL majoring in Communication Sciences and Disorders.

Hannah Knuth of Rock Island, IL majoring in Art History.

Beth Kuehnel of Rock Island, IL majoring in Biology.

Ashley Laermans of Port Byron, IL majoring in Psychology.

Katelyn Leeper of Davenport, IA majoring in Sociology.

Jordan Lehto of Rock Island, IL majoring in Music Education Instrumental.

Gabrielle Lenger of Moline, IL majoring in Multimedia Journalism Mass Communication.

Ceu Lian of Rock Island, IL majoring in Graphic Design.

Jessika Lobb of Moline, IL majoring in Public Health.

Gabriela Loiz of Davenport, IA majoring in Biology.

Haley Luebbers of Silvis, IL majoring in Biology.

Alyssa Macias of Davenport, IA majoring in Public Health.

Katherine Maxwell of East Moline, IL majoring in Biology.

Alex McLean of Le Claire, IA majoring in Pre-Medicine.

Luke McMillan of Rock Island, IL majoring in Music Education Instrumental.

Luke Melton of Moline, IL majoring in History.

Hunter Menke of Davenport, IA majoring in Business Administration Finance.

Peter Moens of Rock Island, IL majoring in Creative Writing.

Kirubel Mognehode of Rock Island, IL majoring in Computer Science.

Brittany Murphy of Davenport, IA majoring in Asian Studies.

Nicholas Muskopf-Stone of Rock Island, IL majoring in Pre-Engineering.

Zachary Myatt of Le Claire, IA majoring in Music Education Vocal.

Logan Myers of Davenport, IA majoring in Business Administration-Management.

Nichole Nash of Moline, IL majoring in Biology.

Lauren Negron of Davenport, IA majoring in Pre-Medicine.

David Nevarez of Moline, IL majoring in Biology.

Kaitlyn Normoyle of Moline, IL majoring in History.

Alison Ogden of Silvis, IL majoring in Accounting.

Cecilia Ortega of Moline, IL majoring in Biology.

Saurabh Patwal of Rock Island, IL majoring in Business Administration — Management Information Systems.

Gaurav Patwal of Rock Island, IL majoring in Business Administration — Management Information Systems.

Logan Pearce of Milan, IL majoring in Data Analytics.

Faith Pickslay of Rock Island, IL majoring in Art.

Lauren Ragone of Davenport, IA majoring in Accounting.

Corey Reagan of Moline, IL majoring in Engineering Physics.

Abby Redlinger of Taylor Ridge, IL majoring in Accounting.

Claire Schaecher of Rock Island, IL majoring in Music Education Instrumental.

Hailey Schmacht of Moline, IL majoring in English Education.

Russell Schmidt of Coal Valley, IL majoring in Music Performance — Piano.

Eva Schmitt of Geneseo, IL majoring in English.

Annette Schneider of Davenport, IA majoring in Communication Sciences and Disorders.

Audrianna Schneider of Geneseo, IL majoring in Geology.

Shubhi Sharma of Bettendorf, IA majoring in Biology.

Hannah Simmer of Rock Island, IL majoring in Comm Sci and Disord.

Elizabeth Sloan of Rock Island, IL majoring in Computer Science.

Taylor Sodaro of Rock Island, IL majoring in Biology.

Grace Sottos of Milan, IL majoring in Comm Sci and Disord.

Isaac Stanley of Coal Valley, IL majoring in Political Science.

Caleb Stone of East Moline, IL majoring in Bus Adm — Finance.

Jillian Stone of Reynolds, IL majoring in Business Administration — Management.

Madison Taylor of Rock Island, IL majoring in English.

Joseph Timm of Port Byron, IL majoring in Pre-Medicine.

Lupita Toscano of East Moline, IL majoring in Accounting.

Brianna Turner of Moline, IL majoring in Biology.

Olivia Vincent of Bettendorf, IA majoring in English Education.

Adam Vogel of Coal Valley, IL majoring in Business Administration — Management.

Iva Vucic of Rock Island, IL majoring in Biology.

Amanda Walljasper of Davenport, IA majoring in Public Health.

Jameshia Walls of Rock Island, IL majoring in Classics Latin Emphasis.

Kathryn Weber of Silvis, IL majoring in History Education.

Quinne Weinzierl of Geneseo, IL majoring in Music Ed. Instrumental.

Hope Wells of East Moline, IL majoring in Anthropology.

Jake White of Moline, IL majoring in Pre-Medicine.

Isabella Whiting of Geneseo, IL majoring in Biology.

Brenon Wilson of Milan, IL majoring in Business Administration — Management.

Anna Winn of Davenport, IA majoring in Music Ed Vocal.

Madeline Young of Davenport, IA majoring in Anthropology.

Justice Youngberg of Silvis, IL majoring in Kinesiology.

Aviana Zahara of Moline, IL majoring in Biology.

Known for sparking passionate curiosity, Augustana College is an empowering home to explore over 90 areas of study. Augustana's innovative program, Augie Choice, transforms students into global citizens, thinkers, and doers with a $2,000 grant to explore the world, complete an internship, or conduct research with a professor. Augustana students achieve a balance inside and outside of the classroom; ranking top ten in all divisions for Academic All Americans. Transformed to be different, current students and alumni include health-care heroes, Nobel Prize-winners, CEOs, college presidents, and leaders across all continents. The college enrolls 2,500 curious changemakers who get energized by four years as part of a community that reflects the diversity of the United States.

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