JOHNSTON, IOWA (February 8, 2019) — On Wednesday, February 13, Governor Kim Reynolds will sign a proclamation establishing February 13 "Iowa Public Television Day" in the state of Iowa in celebration of IPTV's 50 years of educating, informing, enriching and inspiring Iowans.   "Since 1969, IPTV's mission has reached far beyond its broadcast," said IPTV Executive Director and General Manager Molly M. Phillips. "Today, we are an Emmy(r) award winning television network serving two million viewers each month with four unique programming channels. But first and foremost, we are educators. We provide Iowan's lifelong learners with educational programming of lasting value, free professional development, Iowa-specific educational resources to teachers, parents and caregivers, and so much more." Iowa's only statewide television network will mark its golden anniversary throughout 2019 with special programs and events that celebrate IPTV — Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow... Together. IPTV's legacy is also Iowa's legacy and all Iowans are invited to take part in the celebration. Use #IPTV50 to share your favorite programs and IPTV memories on social media. Learn more about IPTV's history and plans for celebrating its 50th anniversary at Gov Reynolds will sign the proclamation at 1:30PM on February 13 in the Governor's Formal Office. The full proclamation is below.



FEBRUARY 13, 2019

In honor of the statewide educational network’s 50th anniversary

WHEREAS Governor Robert D. Ray signed a resolution into law in 1969 creating a statewide educational television network and that first live, over-the-air signal transmission has grown from a single station (KDIN - Des Moines) to a network of nine stations with four channels offering 76 broadcast hours of quality programming each day to 2 million viewers each month, a 24/7 IPTV KIDS livestream and 36 million minutes viewed on IPTV’s YouTube channels last year alone, and

WHEREAS IPTV Educational Services and programs spark curiosity, a love of learning and interest in STEAM fields for hundreds of thousands of Iowa children, provide Iowa’s caregivers, teachers and educators with free resources and professional development and nurture STEAM and future-ready skills in our next generation, and

WHEREAS IPTV brings coverage of Iowa’s talented students including girls’ high school athletic and dance championships, All-State Music Festival, Terrace Hill Piano Competition and more, free to all Iowans and the world via broadcast and live streams each year, and

WHEREAS IPTV’s Iowa Press has set the standard for public affairs programming in Iowa since 1971, and its Market to Market is the longest-running program of its kind (since 1975), airing in 24 markets across ten states, and

WHEREAS Iowa Public Television is a true public/private partnership supported through state and federal dollars, grants, gifts, underwriting and the support of more than 60,000 households through the Friends of IPTV Foundation, and

WHEREAS Iowa Public Television remains a beacon of thought-provoking media and Iowa’s only statewide television network, Therefore be it

RESOLVED, that Iowa Public Television’s mission has reached far beyond its broadcast… educating, informing, enriching and inspiring Iowans, and as Iowa celebrates the past 50 years of statewide public television, IPTV continues to tell Iowa’s stories like no one else can while building and expanding upon the latest technology and public access to it for an even brighter future. 

NOW, THEREFORE, I, KIM REYNOLDS, Governor of the State of Iowa, by the power and authority vested in me by the Iowa Constitution Art. IV, SS1, 8 and Iowa code S 29C.6 (1) and all other applicable laws, do hereby proclaim today “IOWA PUBLIC TELEVISION DAY,” and commend its observance to all citizens of the state of Iowa. 


For more information about Iowa Public Television, please contact Susan Ramsey at 515.725.9703 or  Iowa Public Television is Iowa's only statewide television network. IPTV's mission to educate, inform, enrich and inspire Iowans guides its quality, noncommercial programming that tells Iowa's stories like no one else can. Four statewide, public channels offer programs of lasting value to Iowans, regardless of where they live or what they can afford: IPTV (.1), IPTV KIDS (.2), IPTV WORLD (.3) and IPTV Create (.4) on Channel 11, Des Moines; Channel 12, Iowa City; Channel 21, Fort Dodge; Channel 24, Mason City; Channel 27, Sioux City; Channel 32, Waterloo; Channel 32, Council Bluffs; Channel 36, Davenport; Channel 36, Red Oak. More information can be found at

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