DES MOINES – Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate announces that the state’s voter registration totals are at the highest mark in the state’s history for a December prior to an election year. New data shows 1,991,419 active registered voters in Iowa.

“Registering to vote has never been easier in the state of Iowa and these numbers are indicative of that fact,” Secretary Pate said. “We have numerous ways to register to vote, including online, through the mail, through various government agencies, and at the polls on Election Day. Voter registration usually ticks up right before and right after a general election. For the numbers to be this high headed into an election year shows Iowans are engaged in the process.”

According to the United States Elections Project, 93 percent of Iowa’s eligible population is registered to vote. That is one of the highest rankings in the country.

The current statewide active voter registration totals breakdown as follows:

Democratic: 604,493

Republican: 653,032

Libertarian: 9,606

No Party: 721,344

Other: 2,94

TOTAL: 1,991,419

A graphic detailing the breakdown by political party is available here.


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