MOLINE, ILLINOIS (May 8, 2024) The Black Box Theatre is happy to host Mockingbird on Main as they present To Kill a Mockingbird.

Almost a year after their home on Main Street shuttered in the unfortunate collapse of the Davenport Hotel building, The Mockingbird on Main flies once more to present Harper Lee's classic, To Kill a Mockingbird.

Adapted from the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, To Kill a Mockingbird opens in a sleepy Alabama town during the Great Depression, where Scout and her brother, Jem, live with their widowed father, Atticus Finch. Reminiscent of a bygone era, the play immerses us in a simpler time as the children play outside in the summer, act out stories and muse about their mysterious neighbor, Boo Radley. The façade of the seemingly peaceful town begins to crack when a young black man is accused of a terrible crime. Driven by an unshakeable moral conviction, local lawyer Atticus defends the man in a trial that sends violent waves through the community. Timeless and lingering, this hard-hitting work explores prejudice, compassion, and the courage to do what is right.

Directed and designed by husband and wife team and Mockingbird founders Tristan Layne Tapscott and Savannah Bay Strandin, the cast includes James Driscoll (Atticus Finch), Sophia Kilburg (Scout), Doug Kutzli (Heck Tate), Alisha Hanes (Calpurnia), Renaud Haymon (Reverend Sykes), Yvonne Siddique (Miss Maudie), Storm Marie Baca (Miss Stephanie), Jullian Tottan (Bob Ewell), Brenna France (Mayella Ewell), Tatum Kilburg (Jem), Will Emerle (Dill), Jayden Smith (Clerk/Townsperson), Wendy Czekalski (Mrs Dubose), Tyler Henning (Mr Cunningham/Judge Taylor), Bradley Heinrichs (Mr Gilmer/Boo Radley), and Ashley Harris (Tom Robinson). The production design will feature the work of Circa ‘21 Costume Designer Bradley Robert Jensen and Lighting Designer Emmett Boedeker.


May 16, 17, 18, 23, 24, 25 at 8PM

May 19 and 26 at 2PM


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The Mockingbird on Main was founded in 2021 by husband-and-wife team Tristan Layne Tapscott and Savannah Bay Strandin when they converted a dress shop on the ground floor of the historic Davenport Hotel building into an intimate cabaret-style theatre. The arts organization was well known for their commitment to new works, diversity initiatives, and breathing life into classics. After two years of struggling, at the height of what was going to be their most successful season, everything came crashing down. Literally. The collapse was a deeply troubling and tragic event — occurring on May 28, 2023, leaving three dead, many homeless, and forced the closure of three businesses — one of them being The Mockingbird. While “The Bird” may never fully take flight again, they remain so very thankful for their partnership with Lora Adams and The Black Box for providing a space to continue to tell stories. The Mockingbird dedicates this performance to the memories of those lost in collapse — Branden Colvin Sr, Ryan Hitchcock, and Daniel Prien.

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