A local marathon runner and East Moline teacher, who has been living with multiple sclerosis since 2011, has been chosen as this year's ambassador for the annual MS Walk April 22nd.

38 year-old Angie Salazar from Bettendorf realized something was wrong when she was training for her second marathon.  She could barely make it past two miles on her treadmill before she felt dizzy and nauseous and then fell off the treadmill several times.  Tests revealed she had several lesions in her brain.  She immediately was put on medications--for $6000 a month--to keep the disease at bay.  A few years later she and her husband decided they wanted to have children so she went off the medicine.  After two miscarriages she now has an 18 month old girl and is planning to get back on some medicine since recent tests revealed she has several more lesions.  While she says MS is not a death sentence, it certainly changes things.

She is proud to be the “face” of this year's walk on April 22nd since she says so often times with the disease you look okay but you are not. There is no fee to walk but donations are suggested.  Registration opens at 8:30 a.m. on the 22nd at Veterans Memorial Park in Bettendorf.  The walk begins at 10 am.

Team Angie got a jump start on its donations last week.  All of the teachers in the East Moline school district were allowed to wear jeans or active wear for the week if they donated $5.00 to her efforts.

For more information contact Angie at teacherangiemx@gmail.com