IOWA CITY, IOWA (June 12, 2019) — The University of Iowa has announced the names of more than 600 students who were named to the President's List for academic achievement during the spring 2019 semesters

The UI established the President's List in the fall of 1983 to recognize academic excellence. In order to be included on the list, a student must have a minimum grade point average of 4.0 (4.0 is a "A" grade) in all academic subjects for the preceding two semesters, with a total of at least 12 semester hours of credit per semester during that period.

Bryce Kosinski of Bettendorf

Isabella Holland of Davenport

Matthew Nelson of Bettendorf

Michael Neuhaus of Davenport

Natalie Peters of Bettendorf

Taylor Van Blaricom of Eldridge

Konnor Sommer of Bettendorf

Cameron Trentz of Bettendorf

Tanner Thompson of Bettendorf

Lynn Nguyen of Davenport

Tessa Wright of Bettendorf

Nabeeha Pasha of Bettendorf

Nathanial Lindsey of Davenport

Karlee Scheib of Bettendorf

Grace Wilson of Bettendorf

Hannah Hutton of Moline

Julia So of Muscatine

Spencer Schmalz of Muscatine

Michael Bieber of De Witt

Olivia von Gries of Bettendorf

Ann Peters of Bettendorf

Kayla Gibson of Davenport

Jack Lynn of Bettendorf

Kyle Apple of Eldridge

Cody Anderson of Pleasant Valley

Subrat Acharya of Bettendorf

Cassandra McGee of Bettendorf

Hannah McDonald of Bettendorf

Cameron Moeller of Davenport

Maxwell Herrmann of Bettendorf

James Gomez of Bettendorf

Camryn Hunter of Bettendorf

Mikaela Mikkelsen of Bettendorf

Rachel Clay of Davenport

Genevieve Gaston of Davenport

Anna Brown of Bettendorf

Delaney Kilburg of Long Grove

Joshua Friede of Walcott

Patrick Schwartzhoff of Davenport

Amber Conger of Davenport

Kendal Newman of Eldridge

Sarah Francisco of Bettendorf

Anthony Smith of Davenport

Shannon Leon of Davenport

Theodore Van Winkle of Muscatine

Hannah Gorsline of Bettendorf

Anthony DeSalvo of Davenport

Evan Balk of Davenport

Ann Clare Thachil of Bettendorf

Katherine Baer of Bettendorf

Emily Nutt of Bettendorf

Elizabeth Zupancic of Le Claire

Zain Khan of Bettendorf

Benjamin Gorman of Bettendorf

Kiana Castro of Bettendorf


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