FAYETTE, IOWA (May 13, 2024) — Upper Iowa University (UIU) will introduce a new graduate degree program in the fall of 2024. The Master of Arts in Psychology degree will be a fully-online degree which will provide students opportunities for career advancement, especially for leadership and managerial positions. For students aspiring to pursue a PhD, the Master of Arts in Psychology at UIU will provide a robust foundation. The program's comprehensive curriculum and emphasis on scholarly interests make it an excellent stepping stone for those looking to advance into doctoral studies in a psychology subfield.

With a Leadership and Professional Development Emphasis, the Master of Arts in Psychology was designed to be affordable, flexible, and will equip students with career-related skills, including data analytics, professional communication, critical thinking, and leadership skills. The program is structured to allow students get to know the faculty and have opportunities to interact with their peers.

"The Master of Arts in Psychology program was designed to support each student in fulfilling their passion to learn, while also providing skills that better prepare them for the workforce and further graduate training," said program director Hillary Wehe. "The program is flexible, personalized, and fully-online, allowing students to explore a variety of topics relevant to the field of psychology."

Carrying a 31 credit-hour requirement for completion, most students can finish the degree in about a year through convenient eight-week course schedules. Putting further emphasis on flexibility for students, the Master of Arts in Psychology degree has two start periods per year, Session 1 (Fall) and Session 3 (Spring), with recruiting currently in process for Fall, 2024.

"At UIU, we are committed to delivering top-tier educational programs that not only meet the demands of today's job market but also empower students to achieve their personal and professional goals," said Dr Doug Binsfeld, Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs. "The Master of Arts in Psychology program at UIU provides rigorous academic training and prepares graduates to excel in diverse settings. This program aligns with UIU's mission to inspire success and empower lives by offering accessible, high-quality educational opportunities. It is tailored to foster critical thinking, ethical responsibility, and a deep understanding of human behavior, all of which are integral to personal and community success."

For more information about the Master of Arts in Psychology degree, visit uiu.edu/academics/programs/master-of-arts-in-psychology/.

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