Blues Highway: New Orleans to Chicago by Richard Knight 304 pages Trailblazer Publications $19.95 This book is written primarily for jazz and blues enthusiasts who might be interested in what it would be like to spend three weeks touring what author Richard Knight calls "Blues Highway," the New Orleans-to-Chicago path (that includes the Quad Cities) where much of jazz and blues originated.
Aside from being buried in a book few people would ever think to look at, the entry in Who's Who in Davenport 1929 certainly seems unremarkable: "Five writers , who belong to what is called 'the Davenport group,' were drawn together either in Davenport because of their writing, or elsewhere later, primarily because of having coming from there.
It seems a little unseemly to call Richard Rodriguez the Quad City Arts Super Author - the title he'll carry during his three-day visit to the area in early April. It suggests something heroic or proud, almost as if Rodriguez should have an outfit with a cape.
The success of the Midwest Writing Center is one key to ensuring that local literary talents get the nurturing and support they need to be successful and - hopefully - stay in the Quad Cities. The center's program chair, Bj Elsner, said that the organization's major focus right now is finding a permanent facility, and "when that happens, we'll have year-round programming.