Honor Flight of the Quad Cities 24th trip to Washington D.C took place on August 29. There was a combination of WWII and Korean era veterans on this trip. A special nod is being given to the guardians for this particular voyage, they are all 100% Vietnam era veterans- but they are traveling specifically as guardians to the WWII and Korean era vets who are aboard.

(Note:  we have had some issues with public folks thinking that since we took, for this flight only, Vietnam era veterans as GUARDIANS, that this means that HFQC is accepting them for the flights, as VETERANS. This is not the case. Right now, we continue to operate as WWII vets as #1 priority, as well as any terminally ill veteran from any war or conflict, then Korean Era veterans.  I just wanted you all to be aware of this because folks "read into" things, and perhaps there is some very careful way to make this differentiation about the guardians on this flight.)

The reason that HFQC has extended this Vietnam era guardian opportunity for this particular flight, is because over the many months & years we have seen an outpouring of Vietnam era support at the airport in many forms. We thought this would be a way to recognize the Vietnam Era vets from the local & regional era by allowing them to have the honor of escorting a WWII and/or Korean Era veteran for the day.

A special "thank you Vietnam Era Veterans, for being guardians" banner will be hanging at the airport to recognize their support tomorrow. The banner also says "Welcome Home", which is I am told, a phrase that has been adopted for Vietnam veterans. If you want to know more about the origin of that phrase, Dave Woods at the Scott County Vets affairs would be a good one to talk to, or any VVA chapter.

The usual welcome home ceremonies occured around the 10 p.m. hour.

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