WASHINGTON DC (April 19, 2022) — American Rivers today named the Mississippi River one of America’s Most Endangered Rivers® of 2022, highlighting the threats that habitat destruction and pollution, com

COAL VALLEY, ILLINOIS (March 30, 2022) — The Niabi Zoo is pleased and excited to announce it participation in several important national and international research programs involving animals in our zoo, and in the wild. “The role of zoos has changed radically over the last few decades,” said Zoo Director Lee Jackson.

COAL VALLEY, ILLINOIS (March 23, 2022) — The members of the Niabi Zoo & Forest Preserves Foundation have, like all of us, been watching the events unfold in the Ukraine since the invasion by Russia on February 24. No one can watch this destruction occur and not be impacted by the humanitarian catastrophe that is unfolding in real time right before our eyes.

HAMPTON, ILLINOIS (March 16, 2022) — The Rock Island County Forest Preserve District has been awarded a $200,000 grant from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources to support enhancements to the existing Mississippi River Trail/Great River Trail within Illiniwek Forest Preserve.

COAL VALLEY, ILLINOIS (March 8, 2022) — The Niabi Zoo is pleased and excited to announce the successful birth of two critically-endangered Amur Leopards. With fewer than 100 individuals left in the wild, this is the most critically-endangered big cat in the world.

DES MOINES, IOWA (February 15, 2022) — The Iowa Environmental Protection Commission today denied a petition for rules filed by the Iowa Environmental Council (IEC) and Environmental Law and Policy Center (ELPC) last year, ending a six-month review of the request to protect drinking-water from feedlots. Instead, the Iowa DNR announced at the hearing that it intends to address the questions raised in the petition as part of a broader rulemaking process on siting issues.

DES MOINES, IOWA (January 21, 2022) — Iowa community leaders from across the state joined clean-energy advocates Thursday to learn more about options cities can engage to meet their community’s clean-energy goals, including how to leverage energy-franchise agreements or consider municipalization.

DAVENPORT, IOWA (January 5, 2022) — The first film of the 2022 QC Environmental Film Series Picture of His Life, will be shown at the Figge Art Museum at 2PM, January 23, 2022.

DAVENPORT, IOWA (January 4, 2022) — In conjunction with its annual Eddy Awards, River Action is offering Eddy Scholarships to students with a commitment to environmental interests. These scholarships are funded by a grant from the Joyce and Tony Singh Family Foundation.

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS (December 1, 2021) — Landmarks Illinois, a statewide historic preservation advocacy non-profit organization, is now accepting nominations for its 2022 Most Endangered Historic Places in Illinois. Nominations are due January 10, 2022.