James Corbett Interviews Whitney Webb November 25, 2021

As a fan of and junkie for independent and uncompromised journalism, it is especially noteworthy when James Corbett teams up with Whitney Webb. Corbett deconstructs historic and current world events, media, and technology nearly daily at CorbettReport.com. Webb documents her deep dives and research into publicly available documents concerning global power structures and their professed agendas at UnlimitedHangout.com. Both publish Web sites, videos, and podcasts rich with insight, sources, and evidence. Both are apolitical and both espouse personal property rights' primacy. Both are expatriates, with Corbett reporting from Japan and Webb reporting from Chile.

On November 25, 2021, Corbett published his interview with Webb and titled it “How Green Finance Is Monopolizing the Planet with Whitney Webb.” The professionally produced video and podcast is just under 53 minutes. Corbett deftly explores Webb's research that informs her two articles we've re-printed in our December 2021 print edition, as well as here online: New Asset-Class Launch Advances Wall Street’s Nature Takeover and U.N.-Backed Banker Alliance Announces “Green” Plan to Transform the Global Financial System. Additionally, please see River Cities' Reader's editor Kathleen McCarthy's commentary referencing this topic also published in the Decmeber edition, titled The Green New Steal

Corbett's interview's last three minutes have been transcribed and printed below. Hopefully, this exchange will inspire or motivate you to dig deeper, read Webb's articles linked above, or watch the full video at this link, here

Whitney Webb: A lot of these agendas, the fourth industrial revolution being one of them, this transformation of the global financial system being another … . All of this was planned years ago. Basically, COVID was one catalyst and climate change is another excuse. They're just going to use anything that sticks. If those don't stick, they'll just come up with something else as a way to sell it. But really, they're just looking for a way to sell these huge transformations – I guess, as the Rockefeller Foundation calls it, “the great transformation.” The World Economic Forum calls it the “the great reset.” All of these ambitions and plans have been around for years and are not necessarily linked to these things like COVID-19 or climate change, but they have done that as a marketing scheme, as a way to get people to sign on and back it. That's an important distinction to point out that these plans precede any sort of public concern about these issues that are being framed as planetary imperatives.

James Corbett: Exactly right. It is a gigantic marketing scheme that has been incredibly successful – perhaps the most successful marketing-slash-propaganda campaign in the history of mankind. Remains to be seen, I suppose. Maybe we can actually get through to some people this time. “No, I am not a big oil-funded shill for being worried about the future of the planet,” which is essentially the position we've been backed into here. “If you don't go along with anything that claims to be green, then you're a horrible oil-company shill.”

Whitney Webb: That's really insane in the context of GFANZ. “You don't trust Mark Carney? You don't trust Mike Bloomberg? You're a shill for big oil!” Okay. (laughter)

James Corbett: “You don't trust the Rockefellers? You're a shill for big oil!” What??

Whitney Webb: People that believe that have just given their brains and bags over to the billionaires. “I don't want to think anymore. I just want to feel superior and feel like I'm doing something.” But the people that are in that camp … . This is why this makes me so angry. Because the people that are going to suffer in the developing world out of sight and out of mind … . The people that buy into these agendas are going to be like, “Oh, cool, yeah, we're gonna have more electric cars here!” While you're totally exploiting and destroying the lives of the people in Africa and Latin America. So you can feel better, feel like your existence is more green when it's actually not. (exasperated sigh) I've run out of words for it because I live in a country that is heavily mined. The entire north of Chile is an environmental disaster because of the mining industry. I used to live and work in Peru, and in one of the most intensely mined areas there the locals would try and rise up and try and do something and the military would come in and put bags on the heads of people and push them off cliffs. I mean, that's the kind of stuff that the mining industry does down here. And you're gonna remake the system to make it even more predatory? Just so you can have more electric cars and feel better because all of your neighbors have Teslas now? People like that, I can't really hide my disgust anymore. Because you're not making the world greener. You're making yourself feel better. You're giving the natural world and lots of disenfranchised people and people soon to be disenfranchised over to predatory bankers that are responsible for the actual environmental crises that the world is facing.

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