Way back in 1990, I was making $17,000 a year working for an online Statehouse news and information company. I was too broke for a vacation, so I helped pay for a modest trip by covering a strike at the Delta Pride catfish-processing company in Indianola, Mississippi, for a few publications. Almost all of the striking workers were Black women, and their highly-unusual walk-out had caused a national stir. I was fascinated by what was happening and wanted to see the action up close.

Republican Dennis Reboletti is trying something different in a state legislative race: Stake out a “moderate” position on abortion in a party which completely rejects that stance and in a race against a solidly pro-choice Democrat.

Demolition Site at 324 Main Street in Davenport, Iowa on June 13, 2023

How Did the City of Davenport, Iowa Allow This Disaster to Happen? All citations below linked to source documents regarding the history and demise of the building and lives inside 324 Main Street in downtown Davenport, Iowa and were either acquired via Freedom of Information Act requests made to the city of Davenport, or are publicly available documents or links to published articles.

Tales from the Uni-Potty: The Morning Constitutional - Cartoon by Ed Newmann

Our February issue provides stories, information, data, and timelines, in the spirit of traditional journalism. Thanks goes to the authors' commitment to rational dissemination of facts instead of emotion-triggering, unproductive opining sans relative details necessary to actually inform the articles, let alone reliable sources for what little factual information might be sprinkled here and there.

In a major victory to protect America’s land and resources, an SEC-proposed rule to authorize the creation of a completely new investment class known as a “Natural Asset Company” (NAC) was withdrawn, after push-back from congressional representatives, state authorities, and the public.

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson’s budget that he passed last November deliberately underfunded programs for asylum-seekers. The meager appropriation authority could be exhausted by April, but nobody knows yet what the city plans to do when it reaches that point.

One of the bigger state budget-expansion fights we could see play out in Springfield this spring is the creation of a permanent $300 Child Income Tax Credit. The new proposal has been scaled back from last year’s $700 per child tax credit bill, which went nowhere in the House after it was introduced in February and ultimately had fifteen sponsors and co-sponsors. But proponents say even the downsized version would make a major difference.

Perhaps the weakest federal criminal charge against former Chicago Alderman Ed Burke was about his plot to extort the Chicago Field Museum because a friend’s daughter never heard back about an internship after Ald Burke sent over her résumé. U.S. District Court Judge Virginia Kendall seemed “unimpressed” by federal prosecutors’ reasoning in mid-December after Burke’s legal team moved to dismiss the charge ahead of closing arguments, according to Tribune reporter Jason Meisner.

IRS Criminal Investigation Chief Jim Lee June 30 20202 in Puerto Rico News Conference.png

How the Ivermectin of Fully Reserved Banking Was Targeted and Taken Down by a Weaponized IRS Just Before Its Founder Could Make Proven International Sound Money Solutions Available to U.S. Citizens

A Call to Action For the House Subcommittee on Weaponization of the Federal Government to Investigate What Happened to the Euro Pacific Bank in Puerto Rico

The Lawyer for the House of Representatives (Your Lawyer)

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This letter below and links to citations within, as well as the estimated timeline was emailed to the U.S. House of Representative's Committe on the Judiciary's Select Subcommitte on Weaponization of the Federal Government's published whistleblower e-mail at https://judiciary.house.gov/contact/whistleblowers