Is Twitter a Trojan Horse?

The corporate media fabricated “misinformation” and “fake news” crises funded by the uni-party overlords inside the so-called “conservative” and “liberal” Democratic and Republican party oligarchies currently enable mass distraction away from government accountability and self-determinate solutions.

Three of Governor JB Pritzker’s appointees to the Illinois Commerce Commission have not yet been confirmed by the Illinois Senate, including the chair, Doug Scott. All three unconfirmed appointees have recently voted against the stated interests of trade unions. Senate President Don Harmon has assiduously courted trade-union support and has raised millions of campaign dollars from them.

A group of ultra-conservative Illinois House members, known as the Eastern Bloc, has been stirring up trouble with the establishment in both parties for years. The Republican districts they represent stretch from north of Decatur, over to Tuscola, and down to Mattoon, Shelbyville, Effingham, and Vandalia. They are the fellas (they’re all men) who demanded that Chicago be kicked out of Illinois.

Imagine a lobbyist approaching a legislator and promising that if the member voted for a specific bill, the lobbyist would contribute to their campaign committee. Lobbyists have been convicted here for doing just that, going back to at least 1982. Legislators would be violating state law if they made that deal. The statute prohibits legislators, candidates, and others from promising “anything of value related to State government,” including any “action or inaction on any legislative or regulatory matter, in consideration for a contribution to a political committee, political party, or other entity that has as one of its purposes the financial support of a candidate for elective office.”


According to Secretary Austin, non-interventionists who advocate “an American retreat from responsibility” are the ones destabilizing the world, not endless neocon wars. 

The Governor’s Office of Management and Budget (GOMB) released a revised state revenue and spending forecast last month for the current fiscal year and it’s pretty good. Its projections for next fiscal year, however, was not nearly as strong. Projected Fiscal Year 2024 revenues have been revised upward by $1.4 billion, according to GOMB. However, “most of this fiscal year 2024 revenue forecast revision is assumed to be one-time in nature,” the budget office warned.

Scott County Iowa Board of Supervisors Committee of the Whole Meeting Nov 21.2023

For 30 years, the Reader has memorialized in print and online how nearly all local, state, and national legislators, staff within executive agencies, and jurists, regardless of political party, have epically failed in representing the electorates' interests and Constitutionally protected inalienable rights they swore to uphold as mandated by their oath of office.

The transformation of East Second Street in downtown Davenport is truly remarkable. And The Last Picture House (TLPH) movie theater that launched its soft opening at the corner of Second and Iowa Streets is a phenomenal transformation.

What a Crock Davenport City Council Corri Spiegel Settlement 2023

What a crock. Last Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, when they knew hardly anybody was paying attention, Davenport city officials announced they were giving departing City Administrator Corri Spiegel $1.6 million. The city said $1 million was for the emotional pain and suffering that Spiegel suffered, which the city council said in a statement was due to “prolonged and documented instances of harassment” by some elected officials over the past eight years. They didn’t say what the offending behavior was.

I don’t know whether or not the legislative Democratic leadership would’ve allowed a vote, but it is puzzling to me that the people behind the extension of the state’s Invest in Kids Act program didn’t at least try to run a bill that would’ve wound the program down over a period of years.