When Governor JB Pritzker recently announced that state employees who work in congregate facilities would have to be vaccinated by October 4, the largest state employee union, AFSCME (or the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees), released a statement chiding the governor. “We strongly oppose any effort to define them as part of the problem,” the powerful union claimed on behalf of those workers. But Governor Pritzker also said that about 80 percent of new COVID-19 cases in those congregate facilities “have been due to infection among employees.”

Widen the COVID Lens on Medical Bigotry

After nearly 30 years of providing alternative news and views in sharp contrast to that of mainstream corporate media's highly scripted homogenous coverage (or lack thereof), it is the under-reported content that differentiates our journalistic missions. I have four (maybe five) favorite rules for life. Among them are (1) Never accept nonsense as a replacement for sense; and (2) Evidence matters. After 19 months of due diligence on all matters COVID without compromising these simple rules, I am confident Americans have been largely played.

Thank You, Scott County Iowa Sheriff Tim Lane

Since 2012, I've advocated the most critical and important locally elected office is the county sheriff. A sheriff who protects the county's citizens' property rights is the number-one indicator for a free and open society where value-for-value principles flourish. Here we re-publish critical questions and Scott County Sheriff Tim Lane's answers related to the COVID fear-mongering that dominates social media and mainstream so-called news.

This past May, Illinois House Deputy Majority Leader Jehan Gordon Booth (D-Peoria) and Governor JB Pritzker worked out a deal with some key state business groups to mandate seven days of paid-leave per year for every employee in Illinois. Workers wouldn’t have to give any reasons for the guaranteed paid leave.

Illinois Legislative Inspector General Carol Pope announced her resignation last week and will leave office by December 15. She cited several reasons, including her thwarted attempt to issue subpoenas without any checks or balances. “True ethics reform,” she said of the legislature, “is not a priority.”

COVID & the Kids: Responses to Eight Key Questions for Scott and Rock Island Health Authorties

Publisher's Note: The Reader is pleased to present our second Q&A with the Scott and Rock Island County Health Departments on controversies, contradictions, and conflicts that continue to plague the COVID-19 pandemic narrative. Questions were sent to both county health departments and simultaneously published in our June 2021 edition. And once again, to their huge credit, Scott and Rock Island health officials have fully engaged in this process, providing comprehensive responses for Quad Citians to consider.

As I write this, two of the three national credit-rating agencies have upgraded the State of Illinois’ rating in a week’s time. And the only remaining hold-out owes us one. Big time.

You cannot on the one hand constantly harp about decades of Illinois credit-rating downgrades and then blithely dismiss the first bit of good Illinois rating news since George Ryan was governor. It’s okay to step away from the “Illinois is awful” screaming for a moment in the wake of last week’s upgrade of Illinois’ bond rating by Moody’s Investors Service. While not the end of our problems by any means, it signals yet another important fiscal turning-point.

Last week, I asked the spokespersons for all four state legislative caucus leaders if they considered the spring session’s COVID-19 protocols in their respective chambers to be a success. I didn’t think I’d get much in the way of a newsworthy response, but I actually did.

FBI Headquarters. FBI Sponsors 15 Crimes Per Day

Almost every tyranny being perpetrated by the U.S. government against the citizenry – purportedly to keep us safe and the nation secure – has come about as a result of some threat manufactured in one way or another by our own government.