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Penguin's Comedy Club
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Teacher turned
musical comedian
Tim Cavanagh performs
at Penguin's Comedy Club October 4 - 6
25, 2007 - When Tim Cavanagh finished school, he took a career
aptitude test and based on his verbal ability score, it suggested that he become
a mime.  But as luck would have it, that
was the year mimes went on strike for better working conditions (bigger
make-believe boxes to be trapped in, a less stiff imaginary wind to run against,
etc.).  So Tim walked away from the mime
world, although as he walked away, he pretended to be pulled along by a big
invisible dog.


For the next three years, Tim
taught religion at an all-girls Catholic high school.  At night, he broke into comedy at Zanies,
Chicago's best
comedy club.  This dual role, religion
teacher by day and comedian by night, began to take its toll.  One night, as Tim threatened to call a
heckler's parents, he realized it was time to choose one career.


He picked comedy.  Soon his funny songs were being heard
nationally on the legendary "Dr. Demento" radio show.  With an ever growing collection of fun, witty
tunes, Tim was a perfect fit for radio. 
In spite of an allergy to giraffes that kept him away from a number of
Morning Zoos, he has been a frequent and favorite guest on drive-time radio
shows across the country. With songs like "I Wanna Kiss Her (But She Won't Let
Me)," "99 Dead Baboons," and "Get Drunk with Dignity," Cavanagh has sung his way
into the hearts of radio audiences everywhere.


For several years, Tim worked
closely with radio personality and "Partridge Family" star Danny Bonaduce.  Danny once said, "Tim's the funniest guy in
the world.  He's so cute, you just wanna
kiss him."  And that's coming from a man
who once beat up a guy in a dress.


Since 1997, Tim has been a
regular guest on the award winning "Bob & Tom" radio show, which is heard
nationwide on 120-plus stations.  In that
time, Tim has performed over two hundred songs on the show.  Many of those songs were part of a popular
weekly segment, "The One Minute Song," which he did on the show from


Along the way, Tim was featured
on an ABC-TV prime time comedy special, as well as on Comedy Central and Comcast
Comedy Spotlight.


Since 1997, Tim has released
three comedy CDs on his own Hits & Giggles Records label.  Tim recently recognized himself as "Best
Artist" on the Hits & Giggles roster, an award he has won three out of the
last five years.  Even though he is the
only act on the roster, a misty-eyed Cavanagh was quoted as saying, "It's still
a big thrill."


Aside from headlining at comedy
clubs and touring with "The Friends of Bob & Tom" shows, Tim has performed
at hundreds of corporate events.  From
Mayo Clinic and Xerox to the Midwest Poultry Federation and Prairie Bolt &
Screw, his clean and clever material has made him a hit.  He is a professional member of the National
Speakers Association, and while that organization is the archenemy of the
National Mime Council, Tim still has cordial relations with several


See Tim
Cavanagh co-starring Nicholas Anthony 
October 4th
through 6th at Penguin's Comedy Club. Tickets are available by calling (563)
324-5233 or by visiting www.penguinscomedyclub
.  Visit the Penguin's Comedy Club website for more
upcoming events such as "Bob & Tom" favorites Pat Godwin, Paul & Storm
and The Musical Comedians of Comedy Tour.



Contact: Morgan Johnson
Phone: (563) 324-5233

Penguin's Comedy Club
1850 Isle Pkwy Ste
Bettendorf, IA 52722

He's Even Funny
During the Off Season
Dan St. Paul performs
at Penguin's Comedy Club September 20th through 22nd
12, 2007 - Comedian Dan St. Paul has become a legend among listeners of "The BOB
& TOM" show even if they may not realize it. The show's daily most
frequently asked question would have to be, "who does that bit where Jesus is
playing baseball," (or some variation of that). The answer of course, is St.
Paul. His biblical baseball game pieces rank among the most highly sought after
bits in the show's history.
Dan has also appeared on
several episodes of "An Evening at the Improv", plus numerous shows on VH-1,
MTV, and Comedy Central. Since then, he has opened for such superstars as Jerry
Seinfeld, Natalie Cole, Dwight Yoakum, Smokey Robinson, and Vince Gill. In a
testament to the class of his act, Dan even opened for the San Francisco

Dan appeared in the movie "Flubber" with Robin Williams, and
signed a recording deal with MCA records. His CD, "Natural and Good for You"
contains one the most requested comedy pieces on radio, "The First Baseball
Game". He also is the star of his own one-man play, "Outer Mission, Middle Class
- The Comic Diary of an Immigrant's Son".

See Dan
St. Paul co-starring Stan Stankos
September 20th
through 22nd at Penguin's Comedy Club. Tickets are available by calling (563)
324-5233 or by visiting www.penguinscomedyclub
.  Visit the Penguin's Comedy Club website for more
upcoming events such as "Bob & Tom" favorites Tim Cavanaugh, Pat Godwin and
Paul & Storm.




Interactive, mobile "Television Studio on Wheels" to stop at library and farmers market 

Schedule of Book TV Bus in Quad Cities --  Free and Open to the Public: 

Tuesday, September 18th
5:00 pm-7:00 pm: Davenport Public Library - Fairmont Branch
3000 North Fairmont St., Davenport

Wednesday, September 19th
8:00 am-Noon: Davenport Farmers Market
River Drive and Western Ave., Davenport

For more information on the Book TV Bus visit
or take a video view of our travels at


It is now that time of year again... a chill in the air, falling leaves, a harvest moon, and screaming off in the distance. The tormented souls of "Torment at Twelve Hundred" roam once again.  This October will be the fourth season of 'Torment'.  Steve and Nancy Patterson have taken "Torment at Twelve Hundred" in Orion, Illinois to a new level this year.  With seven new rooms, revamped rooms, added scares and new characters, 'Torment' will ultimately scare the yell out of you.  In addition to the new scares, 'Torment' has joined with "Wheels of Freedom", a non for profit organization that raises money for the American War Veterans.  By doing so a portion of the ticket sales goes to this worthy cause.  'Torment' still has there non for profit concession stand, which will quench your thirst and fill your belly from all the screaming.

"Torment at Twelve Hundred" opens it gates October 5th.  They are open every weekend in October including Halloween night.  Hours are from 7pm - 12pm Friday and Saturday, 7pm - 10pm Sunday and Halloween night.  Because of the trail through the woods, recommended footwear, no open toed shoes or high heels.  It is also recommend you be 13 years and older to enter the 'Torment'.

For directions and additional information be sure to visit or call 309-945-5237.  Torment at Twelve Hundred is sponsored by SUBWAY of Orion. 

Visit "Torment at Twelve Hundred" this October to find out what happened to Dr. Thomas Orment and who is really in charge at the Hidden View Sanatorium. Come and see what lurks in Clover Dale cemetery and experience what 'Torment' lies ahead... you may want to bring a change of underwear!!

Image Gateway to the Arts Mural Program Seeks Iowa Artist


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Marketing Coordinator
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Penguin's Comedy Club
1850 Isle Pkwy Ste 105
Bettendorf, IA 52722

Comical cultural icon delivers odd show
Heywood Banks performs at Penguin's Comedy Club September 13th through 16th
BETTENDORF, IA, September 5, 2007 - Heywood Banks' act is not the normal stand-up routine--far from it. Heywood is simply one-of-a-kind, almost impossible to describe.

Dressed in a plaid jacket and wearing dark-rimmed glasses, Heywood's style is his very own. Equal parts genius and buffoon, this songwriter-comic-singer-poet-musician has become a cult hero and a pop icon, with a show that appeals to college students, stoners, businessmen, yuppies, rednecks, punks, kids or your grandmother.

Heywood intersperses his humorous observations of life with twisted, inventive, bizarre songs, sung and played in a variety of styles, from folk, to country to rock to pop, and way beyond.

You have to be pretty smart to get Heywood at his deepest level (he demands a high level of pop culture literacy), but you can also enjoy him just for his vocal style impersonations, expert musicianship and just plain silliness.

Heywood has been featured in "Rolling Stone Magazine" and "People Magazine." He won First Place in the Johnnie Walker Comedy Search Contest.

Heywood Banks has appeared on A&E's "Evening at the Improv," MTV's "1/2 Hour Comedy Hour," CNN's "Hollywood Minute," "Caroline's Comedy Hour," "Entertainment Tonight," "Showtime Comedy Club Network," "Dr. Demento Show," "12th Annual HBO Young Comedians Special with Paul Rodriguez" and is a frequent guest on the national Bob and Tom radio show.

Stuart Mitchell, the creator of Heywood Banks, tells us that his character was born on a mountaintop in Tennessee and lived for many many years in a log trailer. Heywood's biological parents, Hank and Heyena Banks were killed in a freak revolving restaurant accident back in the sixties - someone had hit the Puree Button by mistake...grisly! Eventually raised by mathematical parents, Heywood was working in a Kroger bagging groceries when he was hit in the head with a can of lunchmeat, giving him spamnesia. This caused him problems for years as he became afraid of the dark, but couldn't sleep with the light on. "Did that ever happen to you???"

Come see the deeply loved Heywood Banks and his very odd show at Penguin's Comedy Club!


See Heywood Banks co-starring Chad Thornsberry September 13th through 16th at Penguin's Comedy Club. Tickets are available by calling (563) 324-5233 or by visiting  Visit the Penguin's Comedy Club website for more upcoming events such as "Bob & Tom" favorites Dan St. Paul, Tim Cavanaugh and Pat Godwin.




Davenport, Iowa, September 3, 2007:  On Saturday, September 15 Blue Sky Gifts and Home Décor and Java Station Espresso Café, both located at 1018 Mound Street in the Village of East Davenport, are celebrating their first annual Grand Fall Open House. Visitors are invited to stop in and enjoy complementary refreshments, drawings for gift certificates and baskets, coffee and tea tasting, Smoothee tasting for kids plus other fun specials throughout the day.

{mosimage}Contact: Morgan Johnson
Marketing Coordinator
Phone: (563) 324-5233
 Penguin’s Comedy Club
1850 Isle Pkwy Ste 105
Bettendorf, IA 52722

Mediacom Spokesman Comedic Talent
Michael Thorne performs at Penguin's Comedy Club September 6th through 8th
BETTENDORF, IA, September 5, 2007 -  Michael Thorne has a fast-paced comedy style that almost leaves audience flinching with laughter. Non-stop and rapid fire, Michael hits all the topics that have made him a comedy club favorite. Relationships are his specialty, but don't expect Dr. Phil or's more like Judge Judy meets Jerry Springer.

Michael can currently be seen coast-to-coast in commercials for Mediacom. His diversity and high energy enable him to relate his humorous insights that any, and every audience will find entertaining. Thorne will take you on a wild and hysterical tour of the minefield that is his life.

See Michael Thorne co-starring David Beck September 6th through 8th at Penguin's Comedy Club. Tickets are available by calling (563) 324-5233 or by visiting  Visit the Penguin's Comedy Club website for more upcoming events such as "Bob & Tom" favorites Heywood Banks, Dan St. Paul and Tim Cavanaugh.


New Kingdom Trailriders

Ride-A-Thon and Open House!


Thought provoking images encouraging dialogue betweekn people of all races, faiths and cultures will be displayed on 45 large murals in downtown Davenport (in front of the Figge, the RME courtyard and the south side of the RiverCenter). 

River Cities' Reader, Aug 15, 2007 (