ImageIowa community school districts of Bettendorf, Central Community (DeWitt area), Davenport, Muscatine, North Scott and Pleasant Valley will hold school board elections on Tuesday, September 12th.

Friday, September 1st

The Advantage w/ The Lion In Rome, Leon & Holy Smokes

-----> More info: Friday, September 1st - The Advantage ( w/ Holy Smokes ( - The Lion In Rome( Leon ( - $7 Cover - Show starts @ 10 PM - ALL AGES - for more info visit or


Sunday, September 3rd

Perimeter Burn, Buried Twice, Urban Hate Machine & Forget the Wishes

-----> More info: Sunday, September 3rd - Perimeter Burn ( w/ Buried Twice ( - Urban Hate Machine ( Forget the Wishes ( - $5 Cover - Show starts @ 9 PM - 18 + UP - for more info visit


Monday, September 11th

Memory Obscura, Through Terror, Last American Virgin and With Arms Crossed

-----> More info: Monday, September 11th - Memory Obscura, Through Terror, Last American Virgin and With Arms Crossed - $4 Cover - Show starts @ 9 PM - All Ages - for more info visit


Friday, September 15th

August Zimbal, The Post Mortems and Fludder

-----> More info: Friday, September 15th - August Zimbal ( The Post Mortems ( and Fludder ( - Show starts @ 10 PM - 18 + UP - $5 cover - for more info visit


Sunday, September 17th

Jaundice & Solace of Requiem with Left of Center, Through Terror, Memory Obscura and Skin Deep

-----> More info: Sunday, September 17th - Jaundice (Duluth metal) & Solace of Requiem (Virginia Beach metal) - Left of Center (qc metal) - Through Terror (qc metal) - Memory Obscura (QC grindcore/metal) - Skin Deep (Peoria metal) - $6 cover - show starts @ 9 PM - ALL AGES - for more info visit


Friday, September 22th

Echodrive, The Post Mortems and Fludder

-----> More info: Friday, September 22nd - Echodrive ( - The Post Mortems ( & Fludder ( - Show starts @ 10 PM - All Ages - for more info visit


Questions or Comments? Contact:

Questions or Comments? Contact:
Morgan Johnson
Music Coordinator
Penguin's Comedy Club
1850 Isle Pkwy Ste 105
Bettendorf, IA 52722
(563) 324-LAFF
ImageThe Advatage, California 8 BIT nintendo band--serious dudes that rock with good nintentions

Bettendorf, IA, August 30, 2006:  The Advantage, is a Sacramento band on 5 RC Records, made up of guitar, drums and bass nintendo covers. The band's goal is to have recorded every Nintendo song by the time each member lie dead. On tour after their 2006 release 5 Rue Christine.

See The Advantage at Penguin’s on Friday, September 1st. Show starts at 10 P.M., all ages, $7 Cover. Also playing, local bands The Lion In Rome, Leon and Holy Smokes. For more information visit




Contact: Morgan Johnson

Penguin’s Comedy ClubPhone
1850 Isle Pkwy Ste 105Bettendorf, IA 

Dear River Cities' Reader:

My name is Toni Wilson. I am the public relations coordinator for Comedy Sportz QC. 

Attached is the press release regarding this coming weekend's show. Any mention in the calendars online or in print would be most appreciated

Please contact me with any questions.



Toni Wilson

Comedy Sportz QC

Public Relations 


Capri College will be hosting a Cut-A-Thon Oct. 5th from Noon-4pm to raise money for breast cancer awareness.  All moneys raised will go to the Susan B Colman Foundation.  For more info please call 563-388- 6642.



Rude Punch to play at RIBCO

Local Reggae/Rock band Rude Punch will be performing live at Ribco Thursday, September 7th from 10:00 P.M. to 2:00 P.M.  Come enjoy the reggae vibes at the premier night club in the Quad Cities.  A mixture of covers from bands like Sublime, Pepper, Bob Marley and 311 as well as an ever-growing list of original tunes promise to please the Ribco faithful.  This show will be a ton of fun so plan on coming to Ribco on Thursday, September 7th.


Contact: Morgan Johnson

Penguin’s Comedy Club

Phone 563-324-5233

1850 Isle Pkwy Ste 105

Bettendorf, IA 52722


Penguin’s Live Music

Press Release

AN ALBATROSS Announce US Tour dates in Support of Debut Full-length “Blessphemy (of the Peace-Beast Feastgiver and the Bear-Warp Kumite)”

Psych-grind masters of the spiritual and physical revolution, AN ALBATROSS have announced their their debut full-length “Blessphemy (of the Peace-Beast Feastgiver and the Bear-Warp Kumite)” now on Ace Fu (*vinyl released through GSL)!

Bettendorf, IA, August 21, 2006:  Just back from their second European tour of 2006 (most recently w/ Lightning Bolt), An Albatross are gearing up for their US Tour starting this August and extending through the Fall!  Brothers and Sisters! Aural Emancipation by the sacred sonic offerings of the An Albatross aggregation is on its way! Their mission is to attune you to the Kinetic-Life and yield an experience gratifying to the soul and the body alike: a communal gathering of bodies in motion devoid of inhibiting, hyper-individualized frame of thought! An Albatross is a psychedelic sonic orgasm; a barrage of mechanical, jerky and discombobulated time signatures eclipsed by hectic Farfisa organ/synthesizer melodies. Not unlike sitting down with an average American family during primetime television, the music is unquestionably attention-span friendly for an ADD-diagnosed society: unbelievably short, complex, infectious bursts of polyrhythms and spirit. After solidifying their early tour experiences and songwriting in the studio, a fledgling incarnation of the band in 2000 released the 12" EP "Eat Lightning, Shit Thunder" on Philadelphia upstart label When Humans Attack! The enhanced CD version, featuring explosive live footage that captures the unique synergism between the band and their audiences, followed soon afterwards on Bloodlink Records. In 2002, An Albatross caught the attention of New York City’s Ace-Fu Label and forged a relationship that culminated in the 2003 release of the 8-minute merciless, aural onslaught, “We Are the Lazer Viking,” an enhanced CD EP produced by sonic savant Wharton Tiers (Sonic Youth, Helmet, Dinosaur Jr.). Quickly thereafter, the band released a follow-up split EP with Oakland’s legendary noise-rock outfit XBXRX on the Gold Standard Labs (GSL) label. September 2004 marked the beginning of the current line up featuring incendiary percussionist Edward Klinger, writhing, psychedel-evangelist vocalist Eddie B. Gieda III, rhythmic contortionista bassist Jay Hudak, circuit-bent breakneck speed-guitarist Jake Lisowski, and Farfisa-master, Phillip Reynolds Price. With an unparalleled spirit stimulated by the current line-up and several recent releases in its pocket, the band set forth on an unbelievably rigorous tour schedule, crisscrossing the U.S. multiple times and making four transatlantic pilgrimages that amassed a staggering total of 600+ performances w/ the likes of Cave In, Pelican, Earth, Sunn O))), Aids Wolf, Lightning Bolt, and more. The most noteworthy of these dates included a slot on the July ’04 French Eurockeennes Festival, a March ’05 BBC session - initiated by the late John Peel - and a support slot for the East Coast leg of the legendary Melt Banana’s 2005 spring tour as well as romps w/ metal-gods The Dillinger Escape Plan and Japan’s equivalent to Led Zeppelin, DMBQ. 

The band’s performances have now acquired a quasi-legendary status, surpassing the traditional concert schema by facilitating a complete fusion of band and audience. Under the mythical banner of future-primitive/psychedelic entities like the Lazer Viking and The Electric Coyote, An Albatross’ Revolutionary Politics of Dance are executed nightly through their electrifying performances.

See An Albatross at Penguin’s on Tuesday, August 29. Show starts at 9 P.M., all ages, $7 Cover. Also playing, local bands Lazer Mountain, Guerrilla Cadets, Killer Bear and The Ballet. For more information visit




HERSONG, the Quad Cities Women’s Chorus will be holding Open Sings on Thursday September 7 beginning at 7pm.  Open Sings will be held each Thursday during September at St John’s Lutheran Church located at 4501 7th Ave in Rock Island. HERSONG needs singers and non-singers. Singing membership is open to women age 18 or older.  Non singing membership is open to men and women 18 years or older.  Non singing members provide technical assistance, marketing, administrative and other behind the scenes support to the chorus.  If you would like to learn more about HERSONG or are interested in joining, please attend the Open Sings. 


The HERSONG philosophy is to promote and develop women’s music as a significant expression of strength, dignity and sisterhood of all women, as well as social justice, world peace, cultural diversity, healing of the environment and harmony among all people and beings of Earth.


For general information, please call 866-746-4482 or visit the website at  For booking information, call 877-266-5474. 

ImageWashington, DC – While 90 percent of parents and guardians of children ages 8-18 think they should have a lot of responsibility for ensuring kids’ online safety, only one-third of them see themselves as “very knowledgeable” about how to educate their children to use the Internet safely and responsibly.

Bettendorf, IA, August 14, 2006:  With David Lee Roth currently on ambulance detail, it's not surprising that Mike Lust and TIGHT PHANTOMZ, off Southern Records, are unleashed and most definitely unchained on their first full length album, "Crazy When Wet". This follows the "Nightfool" ep (released April 2004) and is one mother load of a boogie album complete with a mid-lick swinging drop kick to the face of convention, and a shady hoochie-koo shuffle step that would make the Starchild himself proud. This is fair warning people, oh yes. TIGHT PHANTOMZ are fresh outta the back of the limo, and are here to flaunt their dirty sinners' swing.

TIGHT PHANTOMZ came together in 2003, when guitarist/vocalist Mike Lust and drummer Jay Dandurand reemerged from the ashes of their noted Chicago outfit, LUSTRE KING. Adding Cale Arthur's wrecking-ball-to-the-low-end bass, the Phantomz line up was solidified. Their shows quickly became legendary. No audience was safe. Everyone was being violated and annihilated by the Phantomz five fingered James Brown dominance of Lust, The Entertainer, coupled with the mindset that whatever your troubles were, whatever pinned you down, didn't matter, because it was time to fucking get it on! Like I said, it's no surprise.

Recorded at the bands' owned and operated Phantom Manor Studio (where Lust recorded Ten Grand, Sweep The Leg Johnny, William Elliott Whitmore, We Ragazzi and a hundred others), "Crazy When Wet" reveals the Phantomz aren't satisfied with the same old rock and roll pick up lines. These nine originals and the cover of Fleetwood Mac's "Albatross", are a snotty blast of attitude and classic rock bombast, with the frenzy of a house party overrun by the sweaty city kids that came to steal your car and meet your sister. This ain't no indie-hipster fashion campaign, this is pure 100% bravado-fueled rock heroics with a tip of the hat to ZZ Top, and a lick and a promise to those, literally, about to rock!

A lick and a promise indeed! In early 2004, TIGHT PHANTOMZ was voted Best Rock Entertainer at the 23rd Annual Chicago Music Awards and have recently been invited to participate in Brendan Canty's "Burn To Shine" DVD series with other Chicago artists such as Wilco, Tortoise and Shellac, just to name a few.

See Tight Phantomz at Penguin’s on Friday August 18. Show starts at 10 P.M., 18 and up, $6 Cover. Also playing local bands Meth & Goats and Leon. For more information visit