Des Moines, IA – Iowans are speaking out following Kim Reynolds’ Condition of the State address. Communities across the state stepped up to share the real stories of how critical services, schools, and businesses have been hurt by Governor Reynolds and her messed up priorities that put partisanship and special interests ahead of Iowa.

Des Moines, IA- Today, State Senator Nate Boulton’s campaign for governor released their first television ad, titled “Voice,” highlighting Sen. Boulton’s record of fighting for Iowa workers. The 30 second ad begins by featuring clips from the 2017 session where Boulton debated Republicans for 26 hours straight over the changes to collective bargaining, and ends with clips from the campaign trail.

Muscatine, Iowa -- Laura Liegois, community leader, mother of two, former Muscatine Solid Waste Manager, and small business owner announced her candidacy to represent Iowa’s 91st House District, which includes Muscatine, Fruitland, Stockton, and Walcott.

From Women’s Health Care, To Mental Health Services, To Wasteful Tax Credits, Fred Touts Lifelong Work To Make Iowa A Better Place For Everyone

‘Fred Hubbell Has Delivered For Iowa Before, And Has The Vision To Get It Growing The Right Way’

Today, January 15, Fred Hubbell, Democratic candidate for governor of Iowa, released the following statement celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

EVANSTON, Ill. - After raising $1.095 million in fourth quarter and kicking off the first quarter of 2018 with $3.1 million cash on hand, Biss for Illinois is launching its first television ads. The ads, “Personal” and “Homework” introduce voters to Daniel and explain why a middle-class community organizer and public school parent is the only candidate Illinoisans can trust to fix our broken system.

CHICAGO –  Secretary of State Jesse White has named Senator Michael E. Hastings (D-Tinley Park) as an honorary co-chair of his re-election campaign committee. White is building a strong statewide coalition to continue his great work as Illinois Secretary of State.  

Hubbell Campaign Launches '' Calling On Governor Reynolds To Responsibly Manage Iowa's Budget

Des Moines, IA – Just days after telling the people of Iowa that she was committed to combatting sexual harassment, Governor Reynolds failed to denounce Governor Eric Greitens or return the money he raised for her campaign after he came under fire for allegations of sexual blackmail and abuse.

WASHINGTON – Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley is today raising questions about when the memos memorializing interactions between former FBI Director James Comey and President Trump were classified and the chain of custody for the classified memos.