Christmas at Augustana, December 5Music

Holiday Concerts

November and December


If you're planning to treat the family to a holiday concert (or several) and check out the "Music" section of the Winter Guide events calendar, the sheer volume of area options can appear a tad overwhelming. I consequently recommend viewing the seasonal scene not as a mass of individual happenings but as one big, beautiful advent calendar, with a different musical treat behind every window flap. Granted, it's not quite the same as those awesome advent calendars that have chocolate hidden inside, but what's revealed will do doubt be just as sweet.

Counting CrowsEvents

Adler Theatre

November through February


According to the ancient philosopher Laozi, "Music in the soul can be heard by the universe." If that's true, the universe is gonna spend the next few months hearing from the Adler Theatre, because every single one of the venue's 16 scheduled wintertime events will be filling patrons' souls with music.

Debby BooneMusic

Holiday Pops featuring Debby Boone

i wireless Center

Saturday, November 23, 7:30 p.m.


Not that you'd know it from these pages, but when in public, I do try to behave with a fair amount of professional decorum. Yet this past September, when I ran into Steve Jobman - the artistic director for the Quad City Symphony Orchestra's November 23 Holiday Pops concert at the i wireless Center - and he told me they'd secured Grammy winner Debby Boone as this year's featured vocalist, I'll admit it: I squealed like a little girl. Apologies to those nearby who thought I maybe saw a mouse.

Julianne Moore and Freckleface StrawberryTheatre

Freckleface Strawberry: The Musical

Circa '21 Dinner Playhouse

Friday, November 23, through Saturday, December 29


I imagine we all possess some physical feature that we're either embarrassed by or would love to see changed in some way. Personally, I've always been somewhat irritated with my biceps, which are so intimidatingly muscular that it's tough to squeeze my arms through the sleeves of a fitted T. Oh, and my stomach is really flat, which just makes my six-pack abs look all the more ... .

You know I can hear you laughing at me, right?

Eboo PatelLecture

Eboo Patel

Centennial Hall

Thursday, December 1, 10:30


Do you ever experience those days where you feel like you've done nothing significant with your life? If not, allow me to say (a) congratulations, and (b) you might want to consider attending Augustana College's December 1 presentation with Eboo Patel. I guarantee, you'll feel like the rest of us in no time.

River Cities' Reader - Issue #766 - Winter Guide - November 24, 2010       

Naomi and Wynonna JuddMusic

The Judds: The Last Encore

i wireless Center

Sunday, November 28, 7 p.m.


By now, I'm presuming, we all pretty much know that Wikipedia shouldn't be taken as the final word on any given subject. But I'll admit that I was still taken aback by the very first sentence in its entry on a legendary musical act: "The Judds were an American country-music duo composed of Naomi Judd and her daughter, Wynnona Judd." May I ask, Wikipedia: What the hell's with the past tense?!

The River Cities' Reader Winter Guide (on newstands November 25 through December 9) features listings of more than 1,200 events. You can also browse through and search our online calendar. A PDF of version of the Winter Guide and 3-month calendar is available here.

Hannah HolmanMusic

The Quad City Symphony Orchestra's Masterworks III

Adler Theatre and Augustana College

Saturday, December 5, and Sunday, December 6


The Quad City Symphony Orchestra, under the direction of conductor Mark Russell Smith, is set to debut the third of its season's six Masterworks concerts. And while the presentations will no doubt be exhilarating, I'll be honest: I'm feeling a bit intimidated just writing about them.


Go Fish

Adler Theatre

Thursday, December 18, 7 p.m.


Adler Theatre Events

December through March


Holiday Train

Downtown Davenport

Friday, December 5, 7 p.m.