Kedr Livanskiy brings her brand of dreamy dance-pop and dense, club-ready production born in the Russian underground to Rozz-Tox on July 3.

Guitarist, oud player, and in-demand collaborator of the Portland experimental scene Derek Monypeny plays at Rock Island's Rozz-Tox on July 5.

Jay Farrar’s longstanding alternative rock/country flagship Son Volt plays The Rust Belt on July 12.

Folk rock troubadour Jesse Marchant headlines a Moeller Nights concert at Davenport's Triple Crown Whiskey Bar & Raccoon Motel on June 19.

Revered noise musician, performance artist, and multimedia art maven Lucas Abela brings his most notorious project Justice Yeldham to Rozz-Tox on June 9. To avoid the risk of burying the lede, I’ll just say right away that Abela plays giant shards of broken glass as his primary instrument, pressing his lips straight onto them and blowing like some mutant trumpet sparked into harsh noise fury by his electronics.

Anika, June 11

Experimental singer/composer/poet Anika brings her idiosyncratic, anachronistic music to Rozz-Tox on June 11.

A night of black metal in various forms arrives at Rock Island's Rozz-Tox on June 5, as Baton Rouge-based outfit Barghest shares a bill with Wyrm Chasm from Dallas and local group Everlasting Light.

New Orleans-based grunge-pop group Treadles performs at Rozz Tox on Wednesday, May 15, appearing on the bill with local electronic project Archeress and country/folk artist Liv Carrow.

Cairo, Egypt-based experimentalist and vocalist Nadah El Shazly performs at Rozz Tox on May 10.

Moeller Nights presents a unique pairing of projects as Har Mar Superstar performs a set of his original R&B/pop songs in collaboration with the Quad City Symphony Orchestra. The orchestra also presents a full two-set program of their own featuring the likes of Stravinsky, Bach, and Bartók.