• Virtual Presentation: “Katie Colletta: Youth Storytelling Workshop,” April 24

    In the latest presentation in the Englert Theatre's virtual Storytellers series, professional actor and playwright Katie Colletta will deliver a crash course in children's entertainment with her April 24 program Youth Storytelling Workshop, a program designed for participants to get their creative juices flowing with interactive games creative ways to bring stories to life both on the page and on the stage.

  • QCA Today: April 21, 2021

    This feature lists all headlines with links to the articles by date/time published online by Quad Cities-area media outlets and the state-politics sections of the Des Moines Register and the State Journal-Register.  

    Visit QCAToday.com for a variation on this theme with curated-for-local-content, and categorized headlines from expanded sources.  

  • Virtual Presentation: “German Architecture in the Saxony Region,” April 25

    Some of the most fascinating and beautiful edifices in all of Europe will be explored and celebrated on April 25 when historian and lecturer Russell Baldner delivers the virtual program German Architecture in the Saxony Region, a special online event hosted by Davenport's German American Heritage Center.

  • Boy Band Trivia Night, April 27

    Iconic groups ranging from the Jackson 5 to New Kids on the Block to *NSYNC will be celebrated at The Tangled Wood on April 27 when the Bettendorf venue hosts Boy Band Trivia Night – an evening in which music fans can trade their knowledge for cash prizes while answering questions on the Backstreet Boys, One Direction, Menudo, and loads of other beloved pop artists.

  • Tammy Pescatelli, April 29

    An acclaimed national comedian with ties to the Quad Cities performs two live shows at Davenport's Rhythm City Casino Resort on April 29, with TV and film talent Tammy Pescatelli treating Rhythm Room attendees to the hilarious insights and sharp-witted observations beloved from Last Comic Standing and her 2013 Netflix special Finding the Funny.

  • Assembly’s Got Talent: Who’s Got the Better Bill? Lori Lightfoot or Rob Martwick?

    Illinois Senate Majority Leader Kimberly Lightford really has her work cut out for her if she wants to forge a compromise on an elected Chicago school board.

  • Roby Smith Iowa State Senator District 47 and Bobby Kaufmann Iowa Representative District 73
    Purported Conservatives Refuse to Stop Private Funding of Public Elections in Iowa

    Throughout America, state legislatures are engaged in election reform to secure their states' election integrity by codifying policies, including the prohibition of certain toxic practices that prevailed under an umbrella response to COVID-19, but undermined election processes in varying degrees. Ten states are including the elimination of private funding of public elections, as well as other measures regarding voter identification, signature approval, securing gaps in counting ballots, mostly common-sense measures that would return voter confidence to elections.

  • Give Repurposing I-74 Bridge Toll Plaza Idea a Fair Shake

    When Marigold Resources' branding and agribusiness adviser Larry McDonald came up with the idea to re-purpose the portion of the I-74 Bridge that used to house the toll plaza operations into an elevated park on the Mississippi River, his concept rendering (pictured above) was posted to several social-media and LinkedIn accounts. 

  • Without the Illinois House Black Caucus Posting Bills, Pritzker May as Well Go Home

    Since 2006, federal law has capped annual interest-rates on payday loans to active-duty military members at 36 percent. The interest-rate cap was broadened in 2015 to include several more types of personal, unsecured loans. In Illinois, meanwhile, payday loan-borrowers have been subjected to average annual interest-rates of close to 300 percent.

  • A Revealing Exchange in Which Pritzker Comes Out as Political

    I’ve given Governor JB Pritzker some grief for his failures during the past few months. His graduated income-tax proposal went down in flames in November. He failed to pass his top priorities during January’s lame-duck legislative session. And his candidate for Democratic Party of Illinois chair lost to US Representative Robin Kelly earlier this month.

  • Virtual Performance: “Sonnets for an Old Century,” April 16 through 25

    With its playwright José Rivera lauded by TheatreMania.com for the “expansive, ecstatic, poetic tone in his work that few stage writers dare to attempt,” the riveting quiltwork drama Sonnets for an Old Century will be available for April 16 through 25 viewing in a virtual presentation by Iowa City's Riverside Theatre, treating online audiences to a kaleidoscopic work that inspired Chicago Stage Review to rave, “Rivera’s script is staggering and lovely.”

  • “Disney's Descendants: The Musical,” April 16 through 25

    Based on the wildly popular, Emmy-nominated Disney Channel movie, the stage adaptation Disney's Descendants: The Musical will be performed live by students of Eldridge's North Scott High School, its April 16 through 25 run introducing engaging new characters and reuniting family audiences with favorites from such iconic animated entertainments as Beauty & the Beast, Aladdin, Sleeping Beauty, and Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs.

  • Roles in the Hay: “The Church Basement Ladies in You Smell Barn,” at the Circa '21 Dinner Playhouse through May 15

    Area theatre is back, and a beloved series is serving up some good ol’ Midwestern wholesomeness in The Church Basement Ladies in You Smell Barn at the Circa ’21 Dinner Playhouse. This musical comedy was simply the perfect way for the venue to reopen in the wake of last year’s COVID-19 restrictions, and my husband and I had the privilege of attending Friday’s opening-night performance. It was fabulous.

  • Local Theatre Auditions/Calls for Entry
    Local Theatre Auditions/Calls for Entry

    Updated: Tuesday, April 20, 2021

  • River Cities' Reader Theatre Reviews: July 2000 to the Present

    Reviews by Jeff Ashcraft, Patricia Baugh-Riechers, Audra Beals, Pamela Briggs, Dee Canfield, Kim Eastland, Emily Heninger, Heather Herkelman, Paula Jolly, Victoria Navarro, Mark Ruebling, Mike Schulz, Joy Thompson, Oz Torres, Brent Tubbs, Jill (Pearson) Walsh, and Thom White.

  • Virtual PASS Concert: Skerryvore, April 21

    Chart-topping Scottish musicians whom Broadway Baby praised for producing “music that upholds heritage while still sounding unmistakably current,” the Celtic rockers of Skerryvore are showcased in the latest virtual performance in the Quad City Arts Center's annual PASS (Performing Arts Signature Series) program, delivering an eclectic fusion of rock, pop, and folk music with an emphatic thundering of drums and bagpipes.

  • Virtual Concert – “Landscape of Guitar: The Animated Painting Concert Experience featuring Patchouli and Terra Guitarra,” April 22

    Taking their musical artistry to another dimension through an animated multi-media concert experience, Bruce Hecksel and Julie Patchouli headline the latest virtual presentation by the University of Dubuque's Heritage Center: the kaleidoscopic art-and-music showcase Landscape of Guitar: The Animated Painting Concert Experience featuring Patchouli and Terra Guitarra, available for streaming on April 22.

  • Virtual Concert: Parker Millsap, April 23

    With the artist and his band performing the full repertoire from his most recent album Be Here Instead, alt-country and Americana musician Parker Millsap plays a virtual concert on April 23, the Englert Theatre presentation showcasing a talent who, according to NPR, “explores pop songwriting with playful magnetism,” and who SavingCountryMusic.com deemed “fearless in both what he's willing to say and how he's willing to say it.”

  • Virtual Concert: The Milk Carton Kids, April 29

    Performing a livestreamed concert set spanning their works from 2011 to 2014, the Grammy-nominated indie-folk artists of The Milk Carton Kids – singer/guitarists Kenneth Pattengale and Joey Ryan – headline a special April 29 presentation hosted by Iowa City's Englert Theatre, with the artists performing songs from their first three recorded collaborations Retrospect, Prologue, and The Ash & Clay.

  • Chaircrusher, "Stars Have Fallen"

    The rate at which prolific musicians in the Bandcamp era can churn out new material on a short notice will never cease to amaze me. The idea of an “album cycle” in which an artist drops one album a year, or even less frequently, and spends the time between proper releases promoting and performing based around one album’s material still exists in the upper echelons of the music industry.

  • Hit or Miscreant: “Thunder Force” and “In the Earth”

    By all means, enjoy the big trademarked ape laying into the big trademarked lizard, or all nine-and-a-half hours of the reconstructed Justice League. Crummy movie or not, I'd rather spend my time watching Thunder Force's Jason Bateman attempt to hold a wine glass with enormous crab claws, or Melissa McCarthy imitate Jodie Foster in Nell a quarter-century past that gag's expiration date.

  • “La Bamba,” April 18 through 22

    Screening locally as the fourth cinematic presentation in Fathom Events' seventh-annual TCM Big Screen Classics series, the beloved 1987 hit La Bamba will enjoy a two-day cineplex return at Rave Cinemas Davenport 53rd 18 + IMAX, its April 18 through 22 engagement exploring the artistry of rock icon Ritchie Valens in a film that, according to Rotten Tomatoes, “distills its subject's creative energy and reflects his music's enduring appeal.”

  • Lord of the Fliers: “Voyagers,” “The Girl Who Believes in Miracles,” and “Tina”

    While Voyagers' PG-13 rating is already a hint that Neil Burger's futuristic thriller won't emerge as the daring, nasty good time it keeps threatening to be, the problem isn't so much the movie's rating as it is its blandness. Thanks to Alien, we know the deal with screams. But as it turns out, in space, no one can hear you yawn, either.

  • The Show Will Go On … "Nomad"-er What: Predicting the 2021 Academy Award Winners

    What better way to conclude one of the strangest movie seasons in history – hell, one of the strangest years in history – than with a free-for-all ceremony that will, I venture, see 18 different movies awarded over 23 categories, and the night's only mortal lock a female Chinese-American director winning a category that men, most of them white men, have won 90 times out of 91?

  • Now Playing: Friday, April 23, through Thursday, April 29

    Now playing at area theaters.


  • Virtual Artist Talk: Ann Gale, April 22

    An award-winning talent praised by art critic DeWitt Cheng for her “densely worked, emotionally charged paintings” that “manifestly rebut any resistance to painterly realism,” Washington-based painter Ann Gale will be featured in the Figge Art Museum's latest Virtual Artist Talk, her April 22 appearance highlighting her works, her creative process, and figurative painting in the present day.

  • After Hours: “For America,” April 23

    A special in-person event held in conjunction with the current exhibition For America: 200 Years of Painting from the National Academy of Design, the Figge Art Museum's April 23 “After Hours” celebration will treat guests to a socially distanced and semi-private evening at the museum to view the exhibit, wine and individual charcuterie plates from the Figge Cafe, and guides available in the exhibition space to answer questions.

  • Enter the Reader's Spring Photo Contest – April 29 Deadline!

    With spring (almost) in the air, it's time again for the River Cities’ Reader’s annual Spring Photo Contest!

    For 2021, we've decided on three new categories for your submissions: “Life,” “Liberty,” and “The Pursuit of Happiness.”

    Entrants are welcome to interpret the categories however they wish.

  • “Blakelock: By the Light of the Moon,” through April 25

    Forgeries, mental illness, intrigue, and rapid fame – the dramatic circumstances of Ralph Albert Blakelock’s life often overshadow the merits of his work. But the Figge Art Museum hopes to amend that in the Davenport venue's new exhibition Blakelock: By the Light of the Moon, a showcase (on display through April 25) of eight exceptional artworks from the museum collection.

  • Virtual Trio Talk: Highlighting Works from “For America,” April 28

    A special event highlighting important works in the Figge Art Museum's popular exhibition For America: 200 Years of Painting from the National Academy of Design, the venue's virtual Trio Talk on April 28 will offer unique perspectives by three knowledgeable Figge docents: Cathy Weideman presenting “A Taste of Fauvism: Early 20th Century American Art,” Mary Lou Kotecki with “Taking a Unique Look at Post-War Realism,” and Carol Ehlers' exploration “Modern Art: About Friendship, Diversity of Style, & Commitment to a Cause.”

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