• Maynard James Keenan of Tool as Satan? In a phallic laser battle with Dee Dee Ramone as the Pope? From the minute the screen explodes with bikini babes, sledgehammers, high-powered weaponry, and classic Mustangs and GTOs, you know that this isn't your father's guns-and-girlies exploitation flick.

A mosaic of the classical and modern, vocal and instrumental greeted a receptive audience at The Friends of Chamber Music concert November 16 at Edwards Congregational Church in Davenport. Baritone Lionel Marcoux and piano accompanist Kathleen Kelly alternated with the Rosewind Trio for an interesting mix of short performances.

• The most anticipated box set in memory is due this Tuesday, unfortunately now a posthumous release because of the sad passing of the Man in Black. The Johnny Cash five-CD set, entitled Unearthed, features 64 previously unreleased songs recorded with producer Rick Rubin, who had a special knack for drawing out Cash's most haunting and beautiful work in his later years.

• In what the label is referring to as "a revolution in a jewel case," Go-Kart Records has just released a compilation of gargantuan proportions. Entitled Go-Kart MP300 Raceway, the disc comes loaded with an interactive MP3 player for any computer and 300 songs by 150 bands on two CDs.

As Allen Vizzutti walks through the music departments of many colleges, he can hear students diligently practicing from the method books he wrote. These books, the basis of a music student’s practice repertoire, are challenging trumpet students to new levels of technique and musicality and are rapidly replacing the method books written by Arban, according to Donald Schleicher, conductor and musical director of the Quad City Symphony Orchestra.

The Chicago band Tenki has graduated from pop oddity to maturity, and contrary to what you might imagine, the transformation is anything but dull.

After last year's playful debut Red Baby, Tenki has just released View of an Orbiting Man on the Quad Cities' Future Appletree label.

Last week, Quad City Arts brought in Terrance Simien & The Mallet Playboys, one of Louisiana's top zydeco bands, for a residency as part of its Visiting Artist series. The band featured Simien on accordion and vocals, a rubboard or frottoir player, a guitarist, a keyboardist, a bassist, and a drummer.

• Bringing a tear to my eye, next week the Rolling Stones give the finger to every record store in North America except Best Buy, as the band releases a four-DVD set of its most recent tour exclusively through the bland box for the first four months.

All of downtown Davenport was transformed into a woofer on Friday, October 10, when Pigstock came to town. The metal music extravaganza, with Slayer as the headliner, drew an impressive crowd to the river side of Banana Joe’s, located in the old Freight House.

• The indie Chrome Peeler Records imprint has just released one of the more novel ideas I've heard in a while, with label honcho Jason Ziemniak reaching out to his favorite musicians and asking them to write an original song based on an assigned song title.