Not for Sale

Lumpy's was jumpin' again as Asiasis rocked the back room. Pat Simpson had a concept and Drew Irion, John Clark, Tony Lujan, and Shawn Skriver all made it theirs, too.

"No Dokken, Poison, or Motley Crue; we're all original.

Minnesota-based WookieFoot might be the greatest party band in the world - a high-energy mix of a stunning yet accessible musical mishmash and a stage presentation that looks to be as much circus as concert.

The band will be making its first visit to the Quad Cities on Friday at RIBCO, and be prepared to be wowed by the showmanship.

The first Quad City Symphony Orchestra (QCSO) chamber concert of the season was an atmospheric start to what sounds like another excellent sub-season. With works by Brahms, American composer Arthur Foote, and Bach, the program offered something for everyone and above-average performances by the symphony’s best players.

• This Tuesday the Elektra label releases the next four concerts in its Live Phish series, volumes 13 through 16, this time featuring the band's much-heralded Halloween performances from 1994, 1995, 1996, and 1998.

On its forth studio effort, Evolution, Liquid Soul delivers about what you'd expect: unbelievably tight arrangements, wizardry in soloing, and funky beats to boot. What you might not expect are the newest influences launched into the ever-changing stylistic universe of the Chicago-based septet, including a welcome infusion of world music, R&B-heavy grooves, and a surprising venture into the world of techno.

• While record labels come and go, others are destined to define their own sound and culture, offering to the listener a musical manifesto that brands its artists to the label's imprint. With that in mind, let us bow down to two tasty new box sets celebrating double-decade anniversaries of independent record labels that have beaten the odds.

Though many people were probably filled with anticipation for the Quad City Symphony Orchestra season opener this past weekend, the Saturday concert turned out to be a mixed bag. In an all-Beethoven program, the first half featured an unfortunate and grim Symphony No.

This Tuesday brings the highly anticipated release of previously unavailable demos and live sessions from the late singer-songwriter Jeff Buckley and former Captain Beefheart guitarist Gary Lucas. Entitled Songs To No One 1991-1992, the 11-track collection bears the Knitting Factory Records imprint and features four tracks recorded at the intimate New York City nightclub.

There comes a time when a band knows that it’s ready for big things. You can tell from the packaging of and promotional materials for its newest CD that Shane Johnson’s Blue Train is ready to break out. They’re professional and polished, and they look damn good.

• Two new pop psychedelic masterpieces have colored my mind with crackling fragility, mysterious aloofness, and the bite of crisp cider. This Tuesday brings the long-awaited return of The Soft Boys, re-formed last year to a sold-out concert tour.